Arden Scherer ’21 debuts new tie-dye business

                                                                   Photo contributed from Instagram
The Instagram page for Good Tidez shows Westport teens modeling the products. All business inquiries are through Instagram direct message.

The sun is peeking from behind cool spring clouds, brightly colored flowers and leaves are blooming throughout gardens and pastel colors are emerging from the depths of closets — all indicators that summer is swiftly approaching. 

But, this season is different than most. The beginning of this season is being spent in quarantine with social distancing practices due to the Coronavirus. Nevertheless, many students, such as Arden Scherer ’21, have utilized this free time by creating businesses and projects. Despite the restrictions of quarantine, Scherer has started her own fashion-forward business: Good Tidez

“Without quarantine, there is no way this [Good Tidez] would have happened,” Scherer said. “I wouldn’t have had the time to revive my sewing machine and had a chance to rediscover this hobby I loved.”

The brand features clothing that has all been hand tie-dyed by Scherer herself. The colors available range from pink to green and come in a variety of article options. Good Tidez is sold through Instagram and the account has accumulated close to one hundred followers in support and sales within the first week of its debut. 

“I think it’s really important during this time to support business, the community and my friends,” Jules Davis ’21 said. “Especially with quarantine, I haven’t been able to see my friends but I can support them through things like buying Good Tidez items.”

“Especially with quarantine, I haven’t been able to see my friends but I can support them through things like buying Good Tidez items.

— Jules Davis '21

Scherer’s passion for fashion was manifesting long before Good Tidez came to light. She attended fashion camp and always has involved herself in DIY (Do It Yourself) projects.

“Earlier in quarantine, I tried to cut jeans that were too long. By accident, I cut a foot off and found my sewing machine and tried to fix them,” Scherer said. “Using my sewing machine again got me thinking and inspired me to start sewing masks for healthcare workers. This then evolved into tie-dye and sewing my own headbands.” 

The demand for products has been non-stop since tie-dye brands have been on trend as seen through popular applications such as Tik Tok.

“Tie-dye is really popular this season,” Jess Leon ’22 said. “I love what [Scherer] is doing with Good Tidez, it’s so appealing to everyone our age.” 

Scherer is planning on continuing to expand her brand past quarantine and making it so these products are something the entirety of the community can enjoy during this unprecedented time. 

“I hope to continue into the summer especially if summer jobs and camps can’t happen,” Scherer said. “Maybe a pop-up shop in town could possibly be in the future.”