Teens Against Cancer brings support, awareness to Staples

Created by Julia Kasabian 21.

Created by Julia Kasabian ’21.

According to the National Cancer Institute, 1.74 million people were diagnosed with cancer in 2018.

 Annagrace Mcmanus ’21 has started a club at Staples called Teens Against Cancer to help those people find a cure. The club is partnered with the American Cancer Society, and the cause is one that is close to Mcmanus’ heart. 

“My mom passed away from cancer when I was in third grade, and I’ve also lost a lot of other family members to cancer, so it’s just been something that I’ve always been passionate about,” Mcmanus said. 

Most people know someone who has passed away from cancer, and science teacher and Teens Against Cancer club advisor David Rollison is one of those people.

 “Cancer has affected many in my family, and we all get screened on a regular basis,” Rollison said. “Most recently, my sister-in-law passed at the age of 35 from brain cancer and my aunt is in stage 4 colon cancer. It’s always something that is on our minds.”

Many students have joined Teens Against Cancer and are serious about advocating for and supporting people with the disease. Eden Miller ’21 is one of those students.

“I joined Teens Against Cancer because I know far too many people whose lives have been affected by this disease,” Miller said. “I think it’s important to become aware of how prevalent it is and [to] work together to make a change.” 

I think it’s important to become aware of how prevalent it is and [to] work together to make a change.

— Eden Miller '21

Mcmanus plans for her club to do exactly that. Teens Against Cancer will participate in many American Cancer Society events, such as Relay For Life. It will also hold bake sales to raise money for cancer patients, as well as advocate for cancer awareness. 

“I think this club is a great addition to the clubs at Staples because it is really for a good cause and it’s beneficial for the Cancer Society to be in high schools,” Abby Logan ’22 said. “It’s also great that there are so many people showing their support for people with cancer.”

Overall, students are in full support of Teens Against Cancer, such as Priya Nandagopal ’21. 

“I’m excited to bring more awareness to this pressing issue,” she said. “Although there are already tons of organizations regarding cancer, it will be exciting to know that we’re actually helping people and making a change even if it is small.”