Staples welcomes new social studies paraprofessional


Stepping into the office space of the social studies department, students have noticed a new smile upon entrance. At the front desk, filling printer cartridges and welcoming students, sits the new social studies paraprofessional Tausha Bridgeforth.

Former preschool teacher and mother-of-four, Tausha Bridgeforth filled the spot of social studies and English department paraprofessional this September. Bridgeforth has adjusted to her position quickly, welcoming students and befriending fellow teachers.

“I’ve always been attracted to different people, finding out what their lives were like, and their backgrounds are, learning about the hurdles they had to overcome to get where they are today,” Bridgeforth said.

English teacher David Stockwell explains his admiration of her positive attitude. “She’s got a warm smile and a great ‘good morning’ every day, and it’s so nice to work with someone like that,” Stockwell said.

Social studies teacher Nell-Ayn Lynch also shared positive feedback about Bridgeforth. “I think she’s great. She’s super friendly, she’s funny, she’s caring, she’s warm,”Lynch said. “I feel like she’s come in here having big shoes to fill with who we had before [Fran Evans]. That’s a daunting task for anybody, but she’s done just such a great job, and it’s been a really seamless transition.”

Teachers and students alike enjoy Bridgeforth’s presence. Benji Malowitz ’18 sees Bridgeforth a few times a week and enjoys his time with her. “She always is happy to see me and catch up,” Malowitz said. “It’s a pleasure to see her when you walk in [the social studies department].”

Bridgeforth loves speaking to students like Malowitz and tries to find a few students to keep on a first name basis. “I always want to check in with them, see how they are doing, if everyone is keeping on top of their grades and stuff like that. I’m always here to talk to anyone about anything, because I am a mom first, so I see all kids the way I would see all my children,” Bridgeforth said.
When Bridgeforth isn’t in the social studies department, she enjoys writing and working on her blog. “I hope to become a successful author one day, and I love reading. I try to write as much as I can, but my kids just broke my laptop! They break everything!” Bridgeforth said with a laughed.

Above her desk, Bridgeforth has a large pinboard, previously covered in Evans’ photos and decorations. With her no longer in the department, Bridgeforth has started decorating on her own, choosing to hang the things that represent herself the most.

Bridgeforth has two inspirational quotes on her wall that ring true in her life. These quotes say “Be cool, Be nice” and “Life is 10 percent of what happens to us and 90 percent of how we react to it.” Bridgeforth said that these quotes have helped her in her life.

“It [the second quote] really is what life is all about, things are gonna happen to you, it’s not gonna be easy, but you have to sometimes take a deep breath and just say ‘ok, I can do this,’” Bridgefort said.

Bridgeforth cannot wait to continue meeting students and learning about them. It is evident that the Staples community is fond of the new addition to the social studies department, with her dreams of being an author and friendly personality.
“That’s basically just me in a nutshell!” Bridgeforth added with a chuckle.