Seven essential pieces of knowledge to survive AP Assassination

  1. Nothing with $3,200 involved is just a game.

First rule of AP Assassination is that Assassination is a lifestyle, not a game. You will devote a ridiculous amount of time to hunting down your target and completely change your daily routine to avoid getting assassinated.

  1. Your friends are different than allies

AP Assassination causes serious drama. You will sell out your friends. Your friends will sell you out. However, friends will inevitably take betrayals seriously. The best way to avoid this is to become allies with your friends, but then of course, you have to split your winnings.

  1. You will have strange target-assassin relationships

There is nothing quite like bonding with your stalker. Those creepy snapchats of your window are the foundation of a beautiful friendship. In all seriousness though, AP Assassination is a really nice way to bring the graduating class closer. Whether talking to your target, assassin, or another classmate you hope can help you kill your target, you will definitely meet new people through Assassin.

  1. You will have no social life

Unfortunately, socialization and assassination do not mix well. Social gatherings are a prime opportunity for your target to shoot you. A successful player must be dedicated enough to live in isolation.

  1. Your family will not understand the struggle

Assassin is a pretty strange, silly game to anyone not involved. Your family may not understand that you can’t risk the chance of winning $3,200 to go out to dinner.

  1. It is creepy

Your assassin will inevitably know way too much about your life. Even if your assassin is someone you’ve never met, don’t be surprised if they know your address, internship, after school activities, etc.

  1. Assassin will change you

Even after you’ve been eliminated, you’ll still close your garage before getting out of the car, check the rear view mirror for a car following you, and keep a nerf gun stashed in the glove box.