From Tears the Cheers: Watching Spring Unfold Before our Eyes


As Staples shakes off the wet and uncomfortable early spring rain, take a look around and view the alluring blue skies that go hand and hand with the array of different colors that are continuously awakening from a deep winter sleep.

As most Staples seniors are eager to leave, or starting to feel nostalgic going into their last week of school, Harry Garber ’16 has something else on his mind.

“I love to wake up and hear the birds chirp, see the sunlight break through my window to let me know that yet another beautiful, fleeting, day has arrived for me on this incredible planet.”

Similarly to Garber, Erin Munley ’16 adores spring but specifically the warm weather that comes with it. “I really like warm weather and the the sun. I especially love running in it as well. It’s nice to not worry about what jackets, tights, and gloves I have to pack for each day of practice. It’s much simpler now, plus I can get a tan too.”

Whether it’s a 70 degree and a beautiful day for a run or just to awaken to the sights and sounds of spring, June 20th marks the end of spring, s0 take advantage of the wonders this season has to offer while it lasts.