How to make the most of your February “staycation”


We’ve all been there; when we’re doomed to a week of boredom, stuck at home for the duration of February break. While some kids are off skiing the French Alps or soaking in the sun off the coast of Barbados, other kids are stuck in the confines of Westport. But something you might not have realized is how fun Connecticut actually can be.

  1. Scrolling through Facebook these days, all your friends are liking, sharing and commenting on the mouthwatering BuzzFeed “Tasty” videos. You might hear friends say, “I could never make something like that,” but this February break is your time to shine in the kitchen and make the Mini Peanut Butter Cheesecakes or the exotic homemade Sushi dip you’ve been dreaming of. Try out your very own culinary talents and satisfy your tastebuds.
  2. Walking through the shark hallway or watching the feeding of seals might just fool you that you’re off vacationing at Atlantis like your friend who hasn’t stopped updating their snap story. So just maybe, Maritime Aquarium can cure your own wanderlust. Situated in South Norwalk just 20 minutes away from Westport, a  trip to the aquarium is the perfect way to spend your afternoon.
  3. Skiing takes skill and  talent, and some people just aren’t capable of it. Snow tubing on the other hand doesn’t require much skill and it’s guaranteed to be fun for all ages. If our streak of constant snowfall continues, then it’s worth to drive up to Woodbury Ski Area in Woodbury just 30 miles up the road for snow tubing. And just maybe it’ll feel like you’re cruising down the snowy mountains of Vail or Aspen.
  4. New Haven is known for having some of the best pizza in the world but most people resort to Westport Pizza or Jordan’s Pizzeria. While they might be a great late night snack, why not take advantage of the world famous pizza up the road? With all your free time this upcoming break, grab your friends and head up to the world renowned Pepe’s pizza in New Haven. Yelp reviews claim, “On the white clam pizza, the clams were perfect, the crust amazing, and the garlic and olive oil on top made it smell like my nose started hallucinating and came up with the best smell it could imagine” and “the fresh tomato pie is to die for.” If you’re someone who hates lines, then try getting your pizza fix during off-peak times like at three in the afternoon.
  5. This fall, students trekked up Sleeping Giant in Hamden, CT but with the new weather, the fun doesn’t stop up at the Sleeping Giant state park. Bundling up in a beanie, down jacket and fuzzy scarf only makes your hike that much more of an adventure. Take an afternoon off the beaten path of Westport but just remember to stay on one of the marked trails and get an early start to avoid being stuck in the dark.

Connecticut is a hidden gem when it comes to solving your vacation boredom. Don’t underestimate the fun that the “203” has in store for you.