May the Force be with these Star Wars fans

May the Force be with these Star Wars fans

Roaming amongst us, in a galaxy not so far away, are a group of people who can only be defined as one thing — Star Wars mega fans. The new “Force Awakens” Star Wars movie, premiering on December 18, 2015, will awaken newfound excitement for these super fans. The expectations for this movie are high for these followers, who are the real audience this Star Wars movie needs to impress.

“For this film to be as good as people want it to be, it will have to pretty much be equal to touching the face of God,” Jenya Lensky ’16 said.

Lensky has been a star wars fan since his youth and describes that, as a kid, he discovered the Star Wars films to be “a perfect form of escapism where the fantastical worlds and characters that lived within them were things every kid wanted to experience.”

Jerrett Rende ’17, a fellow Star Wars enthusiast, also watched his first Star Wars movie at a young age but admitted that as a baby, “I was told I just cried the whole time because it was too loud and had to be escorted out of the theatre.” Still, this didn’t stop him from being the mega fan he is today.

Rende explained what continues to draw him to Star Wars is the character Jar-Jar Binks. “He’s just such a sophisticated and deep character with a complex storyline that represents what the series is all about,” he said.

Alejandro Hervella ’16 recalls that his first exposure to Star Wars was at age five. “I remember how awesome it was seeing something so intense and original other than the normal Saturday morning cartoons,” Hervella said. “As kids, a story with light sabers and the dark side or the force was bound to capture our excitement. Since then I’ve been a pretty big fan.”

He explains his attraction to the themes of the movie, and why he continues to be such a die-hard fan today.

“A lot of people think it’s all about ray guns and galactic explosions (and it is to some extent), but every movie always manages to depict the classic sort of tale with a hero, dark and light, love and hate,” he said. “They show the basic aspects of being human, overcoming fear, defeat, and self doubt, while showing the willingness we all have to do good.”

Hervella and Lensky agreed that this upcoming Star Wars movie is anticipated to top the previous series, which were not up to par.

“The prequels are as well put together as an Ikea couch made by four different people who each took a blindfold and chose to throw out the instructions and replace it with a child’s crayon drawing,” Lensky said.

Hervella has faith that “The Force Awakens” will be able to meet expectations.

“We’re talking about Star Wars though, probably the greatest movie series in history; I’d imagine they wouldn’t dare mess up this time around,” he said.

Rende on the other hand, is still a little unsure about the outcome of the upcoming movie. “I’m just not sure if a movie without Jar-Jar Binks is worth watching yet,” he said. Hervella disagrees.

“But if one thing’s for sure, it’s 2015, which means the movie should have some of the most breathtaking battle scenes yet,” he said. “That definitely has got me excited.”