Staples students take care of business in new club

After a busy day, when the bell buzzes at 2:15 p.m., students bustle to the buses or cafeteria to scoop up bagfuls of sports gear. However, in room 3042 every Thursday, another adventure awaits.

The students of the Business and Entrepreneurship Club may not be playing catch on the ball field, but they are presented with a rather different challenge: building a business.

The club is swinging into the business world with the help and enthusiasm of club leader Ben Goldstein ’16 and advisor Lenny Klein, math teacher for classes like Personal Finance and Accounting.

“I decided to start the Business and Entrepreneurship club because I was not satisfied with the ‘Business Club’ at Staples,” Goldstein said. “I believed that this would be a fun and interesting way to learn from others and our advisor, Mr. Klein, and get more experience with business.”

The club is made up of about 15 dedicated members, spanning all grades, who work together as a cohesive group to learn and go through all of the processes of how to start and build a business.

Prior to teaching, Klein spent five years as an accountant in the corporate world and was certainly enthusiastic about the idea of a business club. However, he agreed to advise the club on one condition: he wasn’t going to do the work for them.

Speaking from previous experiences as a club advisor, Klein said, “Early on in the life of a club, there is a lot of enthusiasm and involvement; but that energy quickly dwindles until there are only a few dedicated members, and I’ll end up getting stuck doing a lot of the work.” Klein is a part of the club in “an advisory and consulting capacity only” and steers the students down the right path.

So far, Klein has described the whole process as “pain-free.” The club is about to launch their first product, Staples “S” stickers, without Klein having to “make a single call.”

In order to fund their new product, the Business and Entrepreneurship Club has taken out a small loan from the school, which they believe should be easily repayable as the stickers should earn a large profit.

Every member worked in pitching ideas for the product, and once the idea was chosen, they worked in their areas of specialty — whether that be marketing, sales, finance or production — to produce the final result.

As the club is still in its infant stages, having just started this school year, there have been some stalls in the past month due to breaks and midterms. However, the club hopes to release another product later on this year, perhaps coinciding with spring sports.

“Each person is able to contribute to every aspect of the process while still contributing the most to the specific area of the business they choose to work on,” Jack Sila ’16, a club member, said. “We all work together.”

While Goldstein has played a large part in building momentum and making the club an established group, Klein is convinced the club will continue to thrive after he has left Staples.

“One of the things I love about this club is it has all grade levels,” Klein said. “I hope the current freshmen and sophomores are able to carry the torch well past Ben Goldstein graduating.”