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There’s something very unique about Alice Hickson ’17 and that’s that she comes from across the pond or as most people might say, England. Growing up in London has made her no different from your typical Staples student. Hickson spends her time helping out with the school newspaper. A fun fact about Hickson is that she is no stranger to Inklings. She’s actually her legacy; her brother wrote for the paper years ago. She’s involved with the paper today as the Arts and Entertainment editor for the web. But just like your ordinary Staples student, Hickson is involved in many other activities. She’s a member of Orphenians, a ukulele player and she even “kickboxes on the reg because honestly it’s fun to just punch a bag and kick it,” Hickson said. She’s a girl who’s always on the move with of course, a smile painted across her face.

Alice Hickson, Web A&E Editor

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Alice Hickson