New chocolate shop spices up Mainstreet

New chocolate shop spices up Mainstreet

Alice Hickson, Staff Writer

There is no better way to liven up the new year than by delicious chocolates and that is exactly what Aarti Khosia, owner of the newly opened chocolate shop, Khosia’s Le Rouge Handmade Chocolate, has done.

Located on the lower level of 190 Main Street, Le Rouge is slightly hidden away but once inside it is a sight one wouldn’t want to miss.

The small shop is decorated from the floor to the ceiling with festive carpets, tables, boxes and ornaments to hang on the seasonal Christmas tree. Le Rouge’s decor creates an almost whimsical environment. The color scheme is lively with everything either black, red or white.

The standard of the homemade chocolates certainly lives up to the shop’s decorative appearance.

“I am all about having everything fresh,” Khosia said as she served up a white chocolate with raspberry hot chocolate in a petite red cup.

The shop is perfect for cold January days with it’s fresh hot chocolate options and chocolates that will melt in your mouth.

Not only does Khosia provide unique chocolate flavors such as apple pie, irish ale and even a wasabi flavor, she is also friendly and takes time to sit down and talk with her customers.

Khosia started making chocolates as a hobby with her daughter.“Being a chocolatier sounds so much more exotic than just being a chef,” she joked.  Eventually, she created a website where the chocolates were delivered through online orders.

Once her daughter left for college, Khosia thought it was time to take the business to the next level and thought Westport would be the perfect place for it.“I think it will spice things up a bit and hopefully attract customers,” Khosia said.