One Of These Days scheduled to showcase at Toquet Hall

One Of These Days scheduled to showcase at Toquet Hall

This coming Saturday, Oct. 25, Toquet Hall will be showcasing some of Staples students in their band called, ‘One of These Days’.

Toquet Hall, Westport’s well-known teen center and coffee house, has featured popular artists in the past such as Boys Like Girls, We The Kings, Metro Station, Dispatch, and Steel Train. Despite it’s small size, the teen center is open to all of Westport’s public and private high school youth in a non-alcoholic and drug free environment.

Toquet’s artsy vibe attracts many students year round, increasingly so when it comes to live performances.

Why called, ‘One of These Days’ you might ask?

The name was inadvertently created during a group discussion between the band members who were frustrated about not having a name.

Drew Beitman ’15 recounted the moment.

“After declaring a name for ourselves twice before, our guitarist finally said that one of these days we would compromise on a name or else no one will know who we are or hire us,” Beitman said.

Needless to say, the name stuck.

The rock band came together when they lost their former guitarist and bassist due to college last year. Beitman, who is the drummer and songwriter for the band recruited his close friends, Annabelle Porio ’15, and Justin Slosberg ’15, filled in the graduates’ places immediately.

“The transition into becoming a new group was extremely easy,” Porio said, “We’re all really good friends and have played together in the past at School of Rock in Fairfield.”

The three seniors are led by vocalist, Halley Jonas, ’16 who completes their four member band.

Jonas was discovered by Beitman at a local showing at School of Rock, “He found me singing on a Radiohead show and right when I was done he offered me a spot in his band,” she said. “He convinced me to give it a shot and so I did.”

The band described their sound to have a very “strong classic rock influence,” some of the bands they cover in their set include: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Arctic Monkeys, and Franz Ferdinand.

Composed of all upperclassmen, the band somehow manages to balance rehearsals every week with their school work and extracurriculars.

“Music is what we love,” said Porio. “When you really love something, you make time for it-period.”

Thus, all of their rehearsing pays off.

Prior to their current set, they have made their way to several venues. Some of their performances have taken place at The Acoustic Cafe, Ray Kelly’s Rub, and The Cutting Room in NYC, where they had over 200 people in the audience.

“We have a very strong dynamic as a group,” Beitman said, “Especially since we have been musicians for quite some time now – we’ve learned and now know the game.”

They have been rehearsing extensively over the past month for this coming weekend’s performance and are ready to take the stage.

One Of These Days is booked to play this Saturday at 7:30 PM and Nov. 8th at 9:30 PM at Toquet.