Artsy AP students sketch portrait of a young class


This year, the art depart- ment’s new course addition, AP 2D Studio Art class gives a whole new meaning to the sight of pencils flying. The blurs of yellow pink are no longer to bubbling scantrons and scribbling down an essay’s conclusion. They can also signify the perfection of crosshatching and shadowing.

Having to sketch their way through Drawing, two semes- ters of Advanced Drawing and then Honors Studio Art to be considered, AP 2D Studio Art , “makes it a little bit more exclusive and less likely to have a lot of students in it,” student Amy Perelberg ’15 said.

However, despite the num- ber of prerequisites for the class, this artsy new addition to the course catalog is sure to teach student artists new techniques which will take their 2D art to a whole new level. 

“I love art and it seemed like a great opportunity to improve and build my portfolio,” Perelberg said. “And I love the teacher, Ms. Es- kell, so I can’t imagine a class with her not being fantastic.”

So far this year, students have learned about AP grading and have drawn a still life with a skull, a n artichoke and shells. Perelberg said the class is work-heavy, but the aspiring artists-to-be are extremely committed to their craft.

Jess Spector ’15 said that AP Studio Art was exactly the higher artistic challenge she craved after plowing through all other levels of art classes.

“Hopefully in a few years the class will be more popular to kids who are serious about art,” Spector said.