Families move on from Westport Schools


Jack Greenwald ’14 still remember the first time he visited Staples as a third grader for a soccer tournament and was stunned but the massive size of the cafeteria. Now Greenwald who has come to realize the cafeteria is rather small, will be the third and last Greenwald brother to graduate.

Greenwald is among many other youngest siblings who are graduating this year. Many families, like the Cions, Violettes, and Greenwalds, have had children in the Westport Public School Sys- tem for 20 years or more.

“It’s bittersweet. I know a lot of kids like me and their families are moving away and changing things up. My parents are start- ing to look at different places they could go, so it’s very weird, but it’s also time,” Anna Violette ’14, who will be the last of her three siblings to graduate this year, said.

Families explained that each of their children had different experiences at Staples because of their varying interests and personalities, but all found their own niches.

“[My siblings and I] all did different things, whether it was clubs, sports or what have you. We all found success and en- joyment in different things at Staples because there are so many great opportunities,” Greenwald said.

“It’s just great that Staples has something for every- one,” Tom Greenwald, father of Jack, Joe ’13, and Charlie ’12, said.

Some family members, like Violette, are sad to see their connection to Staples severed. “I think I’ll definitely miss it, I’ve always felt a connection to Staples since my oldest brother started playing baseball and I’d go watch him, but I also think it’s something to look fondly back on,” Violette said.

Other students who will be the last of their family to gradu- ate from Staples haven’t even considered leaving Staples be- hind. “I hadn’t really thought about that before now. It’s weird to be the last one I guess,” Ben Cion ’14, who will be the fourth Cion brother to graduate with his twin sister Katie Cion ’14 this year, said.

Being the last child to grad- uate is also very exciting for the youngest children since they can finally get revenge for sitting through many long graduation ceremonies. “It will be nice to know that [my siblings are] sit- ting in the hot auditorium wait- ing for my name to be called this time,” Greenwald said with a laugh.