The Kardashians on Hulu stylishly shifting to showcase real, raw life


photo by photo from hulu

The new Kardashians show excites fans across the nation.

After 20 seasons and 285 episodes of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, the Kardashian-Jenner family decided that this 14-year period was simply not enough, and they are back for more. 

The Hulu original, “The Kardashians,” premiered on April 14., after the family ended their original show on E! TV in June of 2021. Fans are ecstatic to see this new season unravel, as the charm and entertainment that the Kardashians provide has been deeply missed. 

Although the Kardashians have been showing people their every move since 2007, the new show provides a bit of a different perspective into their everyday life, exciting fans across the world.

the new show provides a bit of a different perspective into their everyday life, exciting fans across the world.

— Julia Leitner ’23

The first episode offered a more realistic and raw version of the Kardashians. Despite the fact that the Kardashians live a life that is far from normal, the sisters growing to be mothers have shifted the overall storyline of the show, moving from petty drama to exhibiting their family dynamic and relationships with each other. The first episode revolved around their family barbeque, showing the fun and entertainment that they provide each other while doing some of the most mundane things. 

As the simple atmosphere came to an end when Kim’s son, Saint, showed her an image from her previous scandal in his Roblox game, the show continued to humanize Kim and this experience, more than they ever have before. 

The scandal that created her fame, and was used in the past to criticize and sexualize her, was presented with a completely different perspective within this episode. Due to Kim’s four kids, and her new reputation as a mom, she was quick to get on top of the situation, as she was concerned about the image that her children could paint for her, mentioning that she would have been mortified if her son could read. 

In addition to Kim’s experience with her scandal, the show continued to reveal the more realistic parts of their lives through Kim’s recent divorce from Kanye, as well as her determination to pursue her law school education. 

Branching off of this exposure to their more authentic lifestyle, the producers follow the intimate story between Kourtney and Travis. While in some moments it can feel intruding to be seeing such raw moments between the couple, it is emphasizing the moral of knowing your worth, and never settling. This more meaningful message contrasts with the typical bickering and fighting that was frequently shown in the previous TV show series.

Due to the fact that I will always be a sucker for reality TV, the first episode of the new season was everything I had hoped for. This episode provided more than just a place to watch drama unleash. Instead, it gave fans a more nuanced understanding of life in the spotlight and emphasized the value that even the most famous of people place on their families. 

I am excited to watch the new season unravel, and would even recommend it to the many that have a strong aversion to the Kardashians as a whole; a new standpoint on Kardashians and their lifestyles may form after indulging in the new show.