Allium Eatery serves up quality dishes in welcoming, homey location


Photo by Lea Rivel '22

Allium Eatery is situated across from the Westport train station in an inviting space among other restaurants, serving both fresh and boxed American café dishes.

Allium Eatery is situated right across from the Westport train station, among a line of other restaurants conveniently located for travelling and other customers. When I approached the restaurant, a purple door and a bright white awning greeted me. Its interior is warm and cozy, with a small selection of high-seat tables lined with various white and purple throw pillows. This was the perfect entrance to my dining experience there earlier this week. 

Allium has a selection of more than one menu: there is a pre-packaged section, a window of salads and pastas, a sandwich menu and a dinner menu, which is served from 5 p.m. on, from Thursday to Saturday. Transportation is convenient, as the area offers free parking options only a 30-second walk away from the restaurant. 

For lunch, they serve a page-long list of sandwiches, as well as soups and side salads; prices vary from about $5 to $20 for these offerings. On Wednesday, Dec. 15, Allium offered butternut squash and sage soup ($7 per cup or $10 per bowl). Its taste was incredibly rich and the portion size was perfect. It was served very quickly, but still felt fresh, warm and balanced. 

Other members of my party ordered the soft scramble croissant, which offered a delicate balance between savory bacon and egg, tomato and arugula and a toasted, buttery croissant to bring it all together. For $8, it was a filling, convenient and tasty option.

The menu was not very large but did include a proportional amount of vegetarian options. Many vegetable salads were offered, and a selection of pastries was made readily available, all meat-free. Allium also has a drink menu posted each day, with a variety of coffee options and even alcoholic beverages readily available at the counter. 

The service is up to par, and matches the close-knit vibe of the restaurant itself.

— Lea Rivel '22

The service is up to par, and matches the close-knit vibe of the restaurant itself. Servers were eager to help customers with whatever they needed, and it was evident that the staff were well-acquainted and worked together efficiently. In such a small, cozy space, interactions with customers are important, and the staff prioritized it. The music also amplified the atmosphere: throughout my time there, soft but engaging tunes played, loudly enough for customers to hear, but not loud enough to overshadow a conversation between patrons. 

For a Wednesday in December, when it’s dark at 5 p.m., Allium was a refreshing break in my day. The ambience conveyed a fall-appropriate feeling, and I felt comfortable eating there with family. Although I wish Allium Eatery opened their hours to be able to serve more options throughout the entire afternoon, the restaurant executed what they currently do perfectly. I rate Allium Eatery an 8/10, and highly recommend their food to anybody who is interested.