Adele’s inner turmoils exposed in new single ‘Easy on Me’


Infographic by Emily Goldstein ’23

Adele’s songs are frequently in the top hits as she is a very well-known and supported artist.

“There ain’t no room for things to change when we are both so deeply stuck in our ways” and “I had good intentions and the highest hopes” are lyrics from Adele’s new single released Oct 15 called “Easy on Me.” Adele has not released music in six years, so fans had high expectations and were not disappointed.
“Easy on Me” expresses Adele’s state of conflict regarding her relationship with her ex-husband Simon Kenecki. As the song progresses, her vulnerability and honesty allow for her to openly talk about her struggles that evidently lead to a divorce.
The song opens by describing the moment she decided that her marriage was over and it just wasn’t going to work anymore. She sings, “I changed who I was to put you both first. But now I give up.” In the midst of singing about sorrow and how she has tried time and time again to fix the marriage, she also offers a glimpse of hope that she’ll find happiness in the future. This blend of dreadful reflection but also courageous optimism allows for listeners to empathize with this conflict she was dealing with at this time in her life.
Adele also encourages her audience to “go easy on her” which is referring to how she is guilty of some of the decisions she has made in her past relationships. She is worried her listeners will judge her for past mistakes, so she almost begs for some leniency.

Adele’s new song truly encapsulates her emotions throughout a difficult period in her life.

— Emily Goldstein ’23

Specifically, she is speaking to her nine-year-old son who she wants to connect to through her music. She doesn’t want her son to be mad at her for putting herself over his happiness. Her line of reasoning as to why she sacrificed her son’s steady life for her own happiness is revealed when she sings “I was still a child, I didn’t get the chance to feel the world around me.”
Adele’s new song truly encapsulates her emotions throughout a difficult period in her life. Her new album is being released in November with hopes of expressing more transparent and relatable content for her fans.