Adele finally says “Hello”

Adele finally says “Hello”

After three long years, where Adele seemed to disappear, she released her comeback single “Hello” on October 23, 2015. The new song was a shock to the nation, giving the dedicated Adele fans the satisfaction of her return to the music world.

“I have been a pretty big Adele fan for a while and she definitely didn’t disappoint. Her voice is crazy and very cool lyrics. I know many guys who wouldn’t mind getting that kind of phone call,” Sam Ahlgrim ’16 said with a smirk.

The new single is very serious yet empowering. “Hello” can be perceived many different ways. It can be heard as a means to heal a broken heart after a breakup, an apology for hurting someone else or even a motivating confidence booster. With her booming voice and profound lyrics it’s difficult not to get sucked deep into thought.

“I really like ‘Hello’,” Johnny Donovan ’17 said. “I think it is a perfect mash up of all her talents – her vocals, her writing and amazing video.”

The success is beyond notable. According to Billboard, “Hello,” from her album 25, reached the 100 million mark faster than any song in 2015 and is set to debut at No. 1 on the Hot 100 next week. In Adele’s United Kingdom homeland, “Hello” broke chart records immediately shooting straight to the top, bouncing Justin Bieber off the throne. Vanity Fair reported the video hit a record breaking 27.7 million views in 24 hours on Vevo, killing Taylor Swift’s previous record of 20.1 million views for her single “Bad Blood.” However, not everyone is a total fan.

“The song sounds very much like the rest of her music. I would love to hear her mix it up and try something out of her comfort zone and more up beat,” Katherine Coogan ’17 said.

In addition to music fame, “Hello” is already a pop culture phenomenon. It sparked a hilarious Ellen DeGeneres parody during a recent show. More controversial, a scorned Auburn University student is gaining viral fame for texting her ex-boyfriend the lyrics to “Hello.” The ex, not recognizing the song, responds to each verse with confusion, dismay and may be a little hope. She tweets the texts which is, as of today, retweeted 13,000 times with 21,000 likes. Talk about payback.

Whatever the public’s different reasons for listening to “Hello,” it is clear the world has answered. Adele is here, she has something deep to say and is making a permanent impact on music today.

Welcome back, Adele.