‘The Christmas Chronicles 2’ demonstrates importance of family during holiday season


Photo by Ruby Tarshis ’23

The second movie in “The Christmas Chronicles” dilogy leaves the audience with so many emotions. This feel-good movie is the perfect family movie to you into the Christmas spirit.

The sequel to “The Christmas Chronicles” just hit Netflix on Nov. 25. 

In “The Christmas Chronicles 2,” we follow 13-year-old protagonist Kate (Darby Camp), as she saves Christmas for the second time.

Christmas was always very special to Kate, a sulky teen, and her dad. After he passes away, she keeps his memory alive through Christmas. 

When her mom’s new husband, Bob, and his son, Jack, bring the family to Mexico for Christmas, Kate is livid. She is done watching everyone forget about her dad, and decides she is going to run away. 

The perfect opportunity comes when Bob and her mom leave Kate’s older brother, Teddy, in charge for the day. Since Kate was supposed to be at a camp for kids with Jack all day, she knew nobody would be looking for her. 

On their way to the club, Kate gets in a golf cart with a stranger who claims he is her ride to the airport. Jack, suspicious of where Kate is going, hides in the golf cart. The ride to the airport turns into an adventure of a lifetime after the driver, later revealed to be the villain, Bellsnickle, throws Kate and Jack into a portal to the North Pole.. 

This feel-good movie is the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit. It quickly gained popularity, and was the #1 most watched movie in America only a day after its release. 

In addition to Camp, “The Christmas Chronicles 2” stars Jahzir Bruno as Jack, Kurt Russel as Santa Claus, Goldie Hawn as Mrs. Claus, Kimberly Williams-Paisley as Kate’s mom, Tyrese Gibson as Bob, Jedah Lewis as Kates older brother and Julian Dennison as Belsnickle who is the main antagonist. 

The director Chris Columbus has a gift for directing magical movies. He also directed “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” “Harry Ootter and the Chamber of Secrets,” the “Percy Jackson” dilogy, the “Gremlins” dilogy, “The Goonies” and many other popular films. 

This movie introduces the theme of how sometimes the villain is just a little misunderstood, which is demonstrated through the antagonist Belsnickle. Although he is introduced as a villain who wants to ruin Christmas, the movie shows you how all he needed was some love. 

This family-friendly film left my heart melted. “The Christmas Chronicles 2” is definitely a must watch Christmas movie, one that I would recommend for any family movie night. I rate “The Christmas Chronicles 2” a 10/10.