‘Dash and Lily’ delivers new adventure, romance


Photo by Tori Wilson ’22

The eight episode series named “Dash and Lily” is available to stream on Netflix and is the perfect balance of romance, holidays, mystery and comedy.

When 17-year-old Dash discovers a red notebook titled “Do You Dare?” in his local bookstore, it begins his adventure to follow the steps listed by the original owner of the notebook: Lily.

“Dash and Lily,” the eight-episode series, was released on Nov. 10 and is already gaining popularity. The series stars Austin Abrams (Dash), Midori Francis (Lily) and Dante Brown (Dash’s best friend, Boomer). Towards the end of the series, more characters come into play such as Keana Marie (Dash’s ex-girlfriend), Glenn McCuen (Lily’s middle school bully and first kiss) and Nick Jonas.

Lily’s intention along the entire journey was to find love. Langston (Troy Iwata), Lily’s brother, flaunted his boyfriend and Lily was extremely jealous. After years and years of being named “the weird girl,” Lily was fed up with not having any boys’ attention. She was 17 and had never kissed a boy and she was ready for a change. Lily had purposefully placed the notebook on her favorite bookshelf in hopes of someone finding it who had similar reading taste to her and she could connect with. 

Once Dash discovered the notebook, the first page included a list of dares. After Dash completed his dares, he wrote a note and a dare in the notebook and left it for Lily. Lily would then read Dash’s message and the dare he left for her then complete it and the same pattern would follow. 

As time went on, the dares led to learning information about each other. One of Dash’s dares include sitting on Santa’s lap in return for Santa telling Dash Lily’s name. Lily also completes dares, one being a “break room” (a room to destroy things in response to anger). The dares were made specially for the other person to try and get them out of their comfort zone.

For example, Lily intentionally sent Dash to Santa because he argues he doesn’t like Christmas, and Dash sent Lily to a “break room” because she argues she is content and never angry. But while their relationship grows, they remain strangers, as neither one of them ever sees what the other looks like.

This Romantic comedy is perfect for the holidays and is great to watch while sitting on the couch with a warm cup of hot chocolate.

— Tori Wilson ’22

This Romantic comedy is perfect for the holidays and is great to watch while sitting on the couch with a warm cup of hot chocolate.

I rate this series an 8/10 and I think anyone who likes adventure and romance with a bit of mystery would enjoy it.