‘Hocus Pocus’ cast reunites for Halloween


Photo courtesy of Mark Willard

“Hocus Pocus” originally flopped when released in July 1993. The movie only earned $39.5 million at the box-office, a letdown for a studio like Disney. However, it was revived in the following years and found its audience through online streaming, TV airings, DVD, etc.

“Hocus Pocus” is casting its way back into viewers’ hearts this Halloween as the actresses who portray the Sanderson sisters reunite 27 years after the film’s initial release. Bette Milder, Kathy Najim and Sara Jessica Parker are holding a virtual one-hour reunion on Oct. 30 at 8 p.m. EDT in order to raise money for the New York Restoration Project charity.

“It’s pretty epic,” Addison Moore ’23 said. “That movie has been a classic go-to watch for families for years now. A reunion during this horrible time would be a small ray of light to fans, myself included.”

The tickets are $10 each and sold on the NYRP website. Buyers will receive an email with the link to the virtual meeting where they can watch the exclusive event, as the reunion will not be broadcasted or posted anywhere else.

The reunion will mainly feature Milder, Najim and Parker, all donning their costumes from the film. However, special guests will also be present such as Meryl Streep, Adam Lambert, Samantha Hudson, Todrick Hall, Billy Crystal, etc. All three actresses have posted on their social media about their excitement for the event and even teased fans about what they had planned. 

“We laughed, made mischief and even sang a little song that might be familiar,” Parker said.

The profits go towards NYRP, the organization that Bette Milder founded in 1995. It aims to rejuvenate the natural state of New York by planting trees and restoring areas with the least amount of greenery in the city. 

“It’s astonishing to see what a little care and attention can do,” Midler said. “How it can change the neighborhood. How it can change people’s lives. It’s very rewarding.”

“Hocus Pocus,” originally released in 1993, is a staple film for the Halloween season, even 27 years later. Many people, including Staples’ students, fondly remember their childhoods growing up with this movie.