‘Bachelorette’ premiere doesn’t meet expectations of Bachelor Nation


Photo by Tori Wilson ’22

Bachelorette Claire Crawley provides two hours filled with drama on night one. Crowley’s future of staying on the show is in question.

Tears, roses and drama are what now take up students’ time between 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. on Tuesdays and the “Bachelorette,” Claire Crawley, brings on a season like never before. 

“The Bachelorette” is known for the men’s entrances on night one and Tuesday’s episode proved this true. Out of 31 men, almost all of them had an entrance that was memorable. Some include Jay’s entrance in a straight jacket or Demar who appeared with a parachute. One entrance especially intrigued Crawley: former NFL player, Dale Moss

“I feel like I just met my husband,” Crawley said on the show after their first interaction. 

Fans are unsure of whether this season will include Crawley for all 12 episodes with rumors surfacing of her leaving with Moss and a new bachelorette taking over, named Tayshia Adams.

“Personally, I find it difficult to support Claire when she thinks she already found her husband,” Lizzie Kuehndorf ’22 said. “Yes, I watch ‘The Bachelorette’ for the drama, but it’s disappointing to see Claire giving too much away right away. I feel like there’s no point to keep watching if she’s already decided Dale’s the one.”

Even though it was only night one, there was already a dispute between the boys. Yosef had gone into the show while talking to a girl and she happened to be a mutual friend of Tyler C’s. Tyler called Yosef out for talking to the mystery girl and Yosef chose to bring Claire into the fight. At the rose ceremony, civil Tyler C. did not receive a rose but Yosef who Tyler claims has bad intentions did.

“I thought the first episode was a little too dramatic. There was already a small fight and we barely know the boys,” Jocey Kessler ’24 said.

Only a little over two-thirds of the men received roses, allowing them to stay. The first impression rose went to Blake. Even though he broke Bachelorette protocol by contacting Crawley previous to filming, she managed to still give him the rose. He argued he only had to reach out because he knew how much stress Crawley was going through in quarantine and he wanted to help. Crawley greatly appreciated this and managed to make him one of the 23 men who will return on next week’s episode.

“I really like the guys Claire chose and I think they will make it an exciting season.” Ava Vincini ’22 said. “My friends and I have already decided who we think will make it to the finals including Dale and Blake.”

Not only is Claire Crawley the oldest bachelorette in history, but she has also been featured in previous seasons. She was on Juan-Pablo’s season 18 of The Bachelor from 2014, and on both seasons one and two of Bachelor in Paradise. The producers thought it would be interesting to give her one last shot, but Bachelor Nation disagrees.

“Bringing back Claire was a really interesting choice,” Jackie Suarez ’23 said. “I do believe there’s a reason she never found love in previous seasons, and I’m still unsure of whether she’ll find it now or not.”

I am planning on watching a few more weeks of the show, but if it continues to be pointless drama with the boys, and Claire obsessing over Dale, I will most likely stop.

— Tori Wilson ’22

The episode ended with snippets of next week’s episode. The clips included both Crawley crying and kissing a man; however, the audience is unable to see who it is past the shadow. 

I am planning on watching a few more weeks of the show, but if it continues to be pointless drama with the boys, and Claire obsessing over Dale, I will most likely stop. I would rate the episode a 10/10 on the drama scale, but a 4/10 for interest level.