The review: predicting “The Bachelor’s” upcoming episodes


The Bachelor, Colton Underwood, and his 30 bachelorettes head to the end of season 23. The women compete, hoping to become Underwood’s fiancée.

Marlo Von der Ahe '20, Web Opinions Editor

As season 23 of “The Bachelor” gears on, fans everywhere are analyzing and picking their favorite women to (hopefully) be proposed to on the last episode.
This hard-fought reality television show focuses on one man who dates 30 women at once, eliminating a few each week in order to find his fiancée at the end. This journey is full of tears, kisses and many roses.
This season features former NFL player Colton Underwood as the eligible bachelor. So far, the show is heading into its ninth week, with four women remaining. Fans are starting to pick their final two and winner for the weeks to come.
After the elimination of one woman, Caelynn, in week eight, the final three are: content creator Hannah G., Cassie, who works with children as a speech pathologist, and Tayshia, a phlebotomist. My prediction for final two are Hannah and Cassie.
My hope is that Cassie wins it all, since I admire her and Colton’s undeniable chemistry, but unfortunately, he has great connections with all the women. If he ends up proposing to Hannah G., which he most likely will if their relationship continues to progress, I suspect that the next bachelorette will be either Caelynn, the 2018 Miss North Carolina USA winner and also the most recent woman to be eliminated, or Cassie. Caelynn is the more obvious choice as she strays away from the more typical “normal girl” life when you take into account her beauty pageant experience.
These new episodes every Monday do not disappoint and continue to confuse viewers who cannot seem to rule out which woman will likely become Colton’s wife.
After one of the most pivotal episodes of the season, known as “Hometowns,” where Colton visited four of the women’s families and confessed his love to each of them, it is tough to see what his future holds. Avid fans are uncertain of what this 26-year old bachelor will do since he has yet to focus in on one likely woman that is his favorite. We must keep watching to see who will take Colton’s heart and receive the wedding ring at the end of the season.