Lululemon expands downtown storefront


Photos by Annabelle Iannone '21

The current Lululemon building (above) is located at 91 Main Street. The new space (below) will allow for new products such as gym accessories.

Lululemon, now located at 91 Main Street, will be moving to 69 Main Street in early spring. 

The previous business in the building that Lululemon is moving into, Nike, closed early 2018 and has been vacant since.

“I thought the old location was fine, but I’m excited to have a bigger space,” Jen Westphal ’22 said. “The new move is definitely a positive and will probably bring a lot more business to Westport.”

Lululemons’ space will now double from 2,869 to 5,600 square feet, allowing new products to be featured throughout the space.

“[Lululemon] should sell more varieties of stuff in the new space like backpacks, gym bags and other accessories,” Angelo Casabianca ’21 said.

Along with more product display, this additional space would also be beneficial during special shopping events.

“It’s also nice because a lot of time the store would get really crowded to the point where you could barely move, especially during things like sidewalk sales,” Westphal said. “A bigger space would mean a lot more room to make times like those less chaotic.”

However, some believe it isn’t much of a change. 

“It won’t make a difference if Lululemon moves to where Nike used to be,” Josh Suggs ’21 said. “It is still targeting the same demographic in the town of Westport and will only increase their costs.”

Until this spring, Lululemon will remain in their current location. 

“I think it’s worth it because Lululemon has grown so much and moving will promote business,” Casabianca said. “I think it’ll be positive because a new look and venue will bring in new customers and appeal to younger people.”