New iPhone 11 review: newest additions

The iPhone 11’s new qualities are all you’re ever going to need on an iPhone. Sure the iPhone 11 Pro has some nicer aspects, but most people don’t need them. So if you are like me and just need the camera for basic purposes, like Instagram photos, spending that extra $300 is not worth it. The newest addition to the iPhone is the dual ultra wide camera, battery life, and the vibrante new pastel colors that shocked the world.
With the new iPhone 11 camera, some of the new features entail portrait mode and slo-mo in the front camera and back camera. Portrait mode is a great addition to the front camera due to the fact you can use the portrait mode while taking a selfie. This mode helps make selfies high quality, so when I want to take a good selfie, it is a good alternative than just the regular front camera.
The back camera can now take photos extra wide. This is beneficial when taking professional pictures, yet a heavy duty camera is not needed. Even if you are close to an object, it is now possible to get a picture from farther away without moving. This is helpful for getting a different angle on a picture. When I’m taking pictures and want to fit more things into the picture using the wide camera is needed. I have used this feature when taking pictures of field hockey games; sometimes, using the wide camera can fit the whole field in just one shot, even when I fairly close to the field.
The rear-view camera now includes night mode as well. The night mode can bring brightness to your images in impossible dark scenes. When I was taking pictures with my friends at night and didn’t want to use flash, I turned to this feature and the pictures came out pretty good. However, one critique to this feature was the fact that the photos were a little blurry.
On previous iPhones, to take a video, you would have to swipe to video to take it. Switching to video was always such a hassle on the iPhones. Now, Apple took the idea from Snapchat of being able to hold down and the video starts.
Although the iPhone 11 is very similar to the iPhone XR that came out in 2018, other than the camera, there are many different colors. The new colors include a purple and mint green. The phone also comes in yellow, black, white and red, but those colors were sold with the XR as well.
Another new quality to this phone is that it is now fully water resistant. Apple has been saying for years that their phones are water resistant, but were they ever? My iPhones have had some water damage before, so I knew that what Apple always said was a hoax. But now, the iPhone 11 is resistant to a depth of two meters for a total of 30 minutes. To put that in perspective, if your phone were to be dropped into a pool, Apple claims that the new iPhone 11 will be perfectly fine.
This phone has a 24 hour battery life, and it can let you watch up to 17 hours of video. Having this long battery life saves more time, due to the fact you don’t have to run to a charger halfway through a busy day. In addition, this iPhone does have the ability to use the fast charging adapters but sadly, they are sold separately and don’t come in the box. The fast charging adapters can be bought at Apple.
The iPhone 11 box includes the basic iPhone necessities: the regular charger and earphones (with a wire, don’t be fooled, there are no airpods).
The total price of this iPhone is $699 for 64 GB., $749 for 128GB. and $849 for 256GB. Overall, all the new features and colors of the new iPhone are completely worth each and every penny.