Colton Underwood in the “Bachelor” chooses dream girl in final week


Thirty girls. One guy. Eleven weeks. Who will be the last one standing with the ring? “The Bachelor” is aired every Monday night on ABC at 8/7c. This season, former NFL star Colton Underwood searched for love.

Previously, Underwood confessed his love on Becca Kurfin’s “Bachelorette” season, but got sent home. He was then a cast member on “Bachelor in Paradise” where he had charmed the whole nation to put him up for “The Bachelor.”

On episode nine, Underwood confessed his love for Cassie and said she would be the one. Cassie, not feeling the same, broke up with him and walked out on him. This caused Underwood to run away, jumping a fence in the process. Cassie wasn’t the only one who walked out on Colton this season: earlier, Sydney and Elyse had also walked out when they did not feel that Underwood was the right man for them.

In the two-night season finale, Underwood broke up with Tayshia and Hannah G. to go after the girl he really wanted: Cassie. He surprised Cassie by coming to her house to express his feelings towards her. After deciding to give their relationship another shot, Cassie travelled with Colton to Spain to meet his family.

“I am glad that Colton went after his heart. He did the right thing,” Nicole Holmes ’21 said. “I think it teaches people to follow your heart, and it will lead you in the right way.”

While in Spain, the couple tackled Cassie’s commitment issues and spent the night in the long-anticipated fantasy suite. Catching up with Cassie and Colton four months later, the audience found the couple happier and more in love than ever. Additionally, Hannah B. was announced as next season’s bachelorette, surprising many fans.

“I originally liked Hannah B becoming the Bachelorette, because I think she has a fun personality. However, she was very awkward and uncomfortable when she met the first five guys,” Abby Greenlee ’21 said. “I am very excited for the Bachelorette, and to see what will happen.”