Sundance retail store joins Main Street


Photo taken by Alexandra Sprouls '19

Westport’s downtown features a variety of stores, many of which have been open for tens of years.

Alexandra Sprouls '19

The clothing store Sundance recently signed a long term lease to open on 97 Main Street at a 3,920 square foot location in Westport, Connecticut

“I think the store will do well downtown because everyone is looking for cute clothes that they don’t have to order online and it’s different than the stores that are there currently,” Emmy Bassler ’21 said. “I’m definitely excited to shop there when it opens.”

The brand was originally founded by director and actor Robert Redford in Sundance Village, Utah in 1969.

Redford has starred in movies such as “All the President’s Men” and “The Natural” and founded the Sundance Film Festival. Redford and Paul Newman, his co star in three of his films, performed together at the Westport Country Playhouse in 2011.

“[Sundance] seems to have more of an earthy, bohemian style that isn’t often found in this area,” Belle Kantor ’20 said. “I’m interested to see how successful their new store in Westport is.”

The brand prides itself on its commitment to quality and its role as an advocate for environmental sustainability. It uses recyclable resources throughout its shipping processes and even procures paper for its catalog solely from suppliers who support the responsible management of natural resources.

“Environmental sustainability efforts are especially important for small businesses because of the great influence they have in towns,” Logan Varsano ’19 said. “Hopefully, they might even spark changes in Westport.”

The brand’s Westport location will be its 16th store across 13 states. Previously, Ann Taylor occupied the space for approximately 50 years before closing in April, 2018. The building is currently undergoing flood-proofing as flooding has been an issue for businesses on Main Street in the past.

“Sundance selected the best retail location on Westport’s Main Street,” Thomas P. Durels, Executive Vice President of Real Estate, said according to Empire State Realty Trust. “They will have great visibility, the best central location and easy access to public parking for their customers.”