Battle of sushi in downtown Westport


By Sydney Kaplan ’17 and Phoebe Mendelson ’17

Downtown Westport is home to high-end clothing stores, shoe stores and a variety of different restaurants. Among these restaurants are Matsu Sushi and Pink Sumo. These two Japanese restaurants are just two streets away from one another and both are incredibly successful.

The first stop made was to Matsu Sushi located right across the street from the Westport Public Library. Matsu is a popular location for Staples students to come for a quick and delicious meal. Upon walking in at 3:15 after school, there were four tables full and three of those were filled with students.

Once ready to order, we decided to compare the spicy tuna rolls and the shrimp tempura rolls at both restaurants. The spicy tuna roll was $7 and the shrimp tempura roll was $8 (we felt that was a fairly reasonable price). Both rolls were delicious and served as a light meal to last the rest of the day.

The restaurant is decorated fairly simply with three white walls, and the back wall color changing lights. The service is fast, however not the most personable. Overall, Matsu was a great experience. There was good food and fast service resulting in our satisfaction with this restaurant.

Next, we walked a minute down the street to Pink Sumo. Immediately, it was easy to tell that Pink Sumo had more character. There was a speaker outside playing fun music and as we walked in we were met with a restaurant that has a cool mix of both modern and classic decorations. The hostess greeted us and reminded us that everyday from 3-6 is happy hour at the restaurant meaning that there is an array of roles that are only $4.

As we sat down at our table we were impressed with the service and how personable everyone working there was. Once again, we ordered a spicy tuna roll which was on the $4 menu for happy hour (but it is normally $6), and a shrimp tempura roll which was $8 (the same price as Matsu).

The spicy tuna roll was noticeably more fresh tasting than the one at Matsu and it was less expensive! The shrimp tempura roll was truly very good at both restaurants but Pink Sumo seems to come in as the winner.

Pink Sumo tends to have better prices for their food which seems to be of higher quality. As well as the freshness and price of the food, the overall experience was more fun in terms of the personalities of the people working the overall positive vibe of the restaurant.