Reusable water bottles ‘pour’ back into Staples, but not for everyone

Reusable water bottles ‘pour’ back into Staples, but not for everyone

Staples students could have always gotten the plastic water bottles in the cafeteria, but now students are ditching the over-priced water and helping the environment by bringing their own reusable water bottles to school and refilling them throughout the day.

Students have been using many different brands of reusable water bottles such as: Swell, Nalgene, and Nathan water bottles. But one of the more popular ones are the Camelbacks.

“A water bottle’s a girl’s best friend, I have a Camelbak and I refill it at least three times a day,” said Samantha Pacilio ’19

Camelbacks come in many different colors, designs, shapes, sizes and you can find camelbaks with your favorite college logo team on them as well.

“I like Camelbak because of its nozzle so then, it doesn’t spill,” said Emma Yorkes ’18.

A new addition to the water fountain near the nurse’s office goes hand and hand with the new reusable water bottle trend.The water fountain has  a sensory water bottle filler so when you put your water bottle under it, it automatically fills it or you. Also another feature on it, is that it has a has little screen that counts how many plastic water bottles has been saved from the environment by using this water bottle filler.

“It saves money and plastic to carry your own water bottle and plus Staples has a water fountain that is specifically for filling up water bottles it’s easy to fill your water bottle now,” said Jamie Lamb ’18

Although carrying a reusable water bottle has been proven to help the environment and be cheaper, some Staples students still choose to buy a water bottle everyday at the cafeteria instead of using a reusable one.

“I just buy one from the cafe everyday I am way too lazy to bring one to school and refill it,” said Luke Welch ’19.

“Its upsetting that I am hurting the environment, but I am just too lazy to remember to fill a reusable water bottle up,” said Dana Roberts ’16.

Even though some kids still buy disposable plastic water bottles, there are a lot more Staples students that have been jumping on the bandwagon and helping the environment by using reusable water bottles throughout the school day.