The 3 most important TV characters to me

Caroline Cohen, Staff Writer

1. Brooke Davis: She’s the girl we all want to be, and it’s not because she’s the cheer captain, or that we want her light blue buggy convertible. Over nine seasons of “One Tree Hill,” Brooke Davis made the character transformation from stuck up girl to a reliable and loyal friend, mother and business woman. She shows viewers that what other people think of you isn’t what defines you, and that you can learn from and become stronger from your past mistakes.

2. Olivia Pope: On Thursday nights I genuinely look forward to sitting on the couch with my mom and watching Olivia Pope dominate the District of Columbia on “Scandal.” With her white hat and her persuasive speeches, she solves every scandal with grace, and always donning a perfect designer outfit. Olivia always seems to know the right answer and never is at a loss for words, she speaks fast enough to her opposition that it leaves the viewers feeling all jumbled, believing what she says and wanting to follow her lead.

3. Meredith Grey: While most Grey’s fans are still shaking from the death of Derek two weeks ago, I get myself through by remembering is that Meredith is still there, and she always will be (the show and the hospital are in her name.) No matter the trauma she went through as a child or the dramatic events still thrown into her life (see graphic) she continues to push through and stay strong for her friends who remain. Not to mention she went through over 50 surgeries this season without losing a patient.