Hot restaurants spice up Instagram feed with food photos


nstagram’s 150-million users in September 2013 doubled to 300-million users in December 2014, proving Instagram as one of the most popular and successful social media outlets. However, the app that lets people post photos to followers has had a lot of new flavors in recent months.

“Foodagrams” are pictures of food on Instagram, whether it be of an ice cream cone from Stew Leonard’s or an intricate salad from a five-star restaurant. Some users even devote separate accounts to photos of their meals.

Accounts like @icecreamofinsta post various pictures of ice cream sandwiched between warm cookies, on top of waffles and crepes or even in the classic cone.

However, some accounts have more general food. @fairfieldcountymunchies has meals and dishes from local restaurants, like Acqua and Spotted Horse. @newforkcity has become famous with its 172,000 followers, as they feature restaurants all around New York City. The account also features “getaway” posts of meals from around the world.

These Instagram accounts are starting filling social media feeds, giving restaurants and their dishes fame and trendy recognition. So, these days, diners might even be better off finding a restaurant option by scrolling through Instagram feeds rather than searching sites like Zagat or Trip Advisor.

Julie Levitt, co-owner of Granola Bar in Westport, also said Instagram was a great way to bring public attention to their restaurant.

“We use Instagram endlessly and love when our customers use it as well,” Levitt said.

And customers do use it.

“Well, obviously, I follow @newforkcity,” Lilly Howes ’17 said. “And whenever a picture looks good, my friend and I add it to a list of restaurants we want to go to in the City.” Howes has visited many places that were featured on Instagram accounts, including Holey Donut and Serafina.

Westport foodies are also happy at home with restaurants like Granola Bar, Pink Sumo and more.

“Instagram shows me what type of food restaurants around town serve,” Shannon Barry ’15, whose favorite meal is the tuna tartare at Pink Sumo in downtown Westport, said.

But no matter where you go, it’s the picture that is most important.

“Wherever you go, if your plate looks really pretty, you have to take a picture,” Noa Wind ’15 said.

And that advice applies to fast food, too.

“People can even make Shake Shack look really good,” Wind said. “But places like Momofuko are ‘Instaworthy’ because you can only get it in the city, so it’s pretty special. It also looks beautiful and tastes so good.”

Levitt is particularly proud of Granola Bar’s Instagram photos. “We think our visual plating is something that sets us apart,” Levitt said. “We posted a hot drink called the Ski Lodge and people went bonkers. They came in with their phone and ordered it right from the picture.”