Students delight in the sweeter things


Cadence Neenan, Web Managing Editor

With baking sun, frying heat, and a crisp sizzle every time you so much as brush against the sidewalk, summer months in Connecticut can be slightly overwhelming.

State residents resort to all avenues to escape the hot – be it pools, beaches, lakes, and the occasional venture out of state in an attempt to outrun the humidity. However, the sweetest solution can be found close to home: in your local farmer’s market.

As the songs of summer begin to chime in, so do the summer fruits. From the tangy splash of oranges to the mellow undertones of watermelon, Staples students have reached a consensus: summer fruits are nothing if not delicious.

“Pineapple and grapefruit have always been my favorite fruits for the summer because they both have a really sweet but kind of sour taste.” Caroline O’Brien ’14 said. “It’s super refreshing and is perfect for hot days!”

Fruit seems to make the perfect summer snack. While those like O’Brien enjoy it in its simplest form, other Staples students have gotten creative with how they munch on fruit in the summer.

“One of my favorite summer desserts that my family makes is strawberries and balsamic with brown sugar; it has become somewhat of a tradition,” Reni Forer ’15 said.

“I really like watermelon and oranges because they’re so sweet, and I like making juice out of them,” Hanna Refvik ’15 said.

Whether they’re sprinkled with sugar, jostled into juices, packed into pies, or even rejoiced in the raw, what form the fruit may end up in doesn’t seem to matter as much as where it originated.

“Absolutely, 100 percent the Westport Farmer’s Market,” said Culinary teacher Cecily Gans. “Every single Thursday, from May 2nd through the beginning of November, on Imperial Avenue.”

Forer agrees with Gans, generally. “During the spring and summer months my family gets a lot of our food from Westport’s Farmers’Market, but whatever we can’t find there we’ll buy organic from Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s.”

Many Staples students prefer the farmers’ market, but when the best isn’t available, other options include Balducci’s, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, or Organic Market.

All in all, summer is the season for fruit. While some of the purchasing preferences can get a little complex, there is a simple rule of thumb to follow to survive the summer months:

“Whatever looks juicy and refreshing!” Refvik said.