Key Club saves lives through annual blood drive

Key Club saves lives through annual blood drive

Brett Franklin, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, March 30, there will be an opportunity to help save lives when the Staples Key Club holds their annual blood drive.  Many members of the Key Club, such as Sarah Sherts ’18, will be volunteering their time.

“The Key Club is a charity and community service club. Members can get hours by volunteering at the club’s events,” Sherts said.

After explaining that participants must first disclose general health history in order to ensure that their blood is safe, Sherts then said that, “they take some of your blood and you get to lie down and eat some snacks afterwards. It also takes a chunk out of your day.”

The blood drive will be held in the Staples gymnasium from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. It is recommended by the American Red Cross that participants drink plenty of water and eat a healthy meal before donating blood.

Vig Namasivayam ’16 will be among the many charitable people donating their blood to the drive.

“Other people may need my blood in a dire situation more than I do. If I was in a situation where I needed blood, then I know I would be very appreciative of those who did donate,” Namasivayam said.  Blood provided by blood drives can be given to many patients awaiting specific medical attention.

“The blood is going to the Livingston or Farmington part of Connecticut where it is going to be used for transfusions and surgeries,” Key Club treasurer Angela Zhai ’18 said.

In order to donate blood students must be 16 years old or older and must bring either their donor card photo or two other forms of identification. Contact any member of the Key Club for an appointment to donate blood.