Autumn Smith continuously contributes to the success of the girls’ soccer team


Maya Reiner '21

High school is time to pursue new opportunities while also working hard to manage your time. For many, it can be difficult to focus on a select few activities; however, once you have a strong passion for something, the devotion follows. For Autumn Smith ’21, soccer has really become her passion.

Smith has been playing soccer since she could walk. She joined the girls’ soccer team in 2017, being the only freshman on varsity and is continuing her Wreckers soccer career as a sophomore.  When she is not playing for Staples, she plays for her club team. During the off seasons, Smith continuously plays to keep improving her game. She goes to tournaments to show her skill to the collegiate coaches, practice her game and stay in shape.

“I love the competitiveness and the social part of the game,” Smith said.

Smith has contributed to the many successes of the varsity girls’ soccer team, their current record at  8-0-1.

“She is a great player. She is really technical and has no problem dribbling in, out and around people,” Charlotte Barnes ’21 said. “She also is a really smart player, she makes great decisions.”

Smith assists the team each game as a strong defender and continuously prevents the opponent team from scoring.

Jordi Katz ’20, manager of the varsity girls’ soccer team, thinks Smith has had a huge impact on the team since joining last year. “Autumn does everything possible to improve, not only as a player, but as a teammate,” Katz said.

According to her peers and teammates, Smith is a kind girl and always looks out for others. Whether she is cheering for the other players or giving others constructive feedback, the team thinks that she is a positive asset to the team.

“Autumn is a really nice girl on and off the field. She is always really supportive to the rest of the team,” Barnes said. “She makes it more fun while playing the sport but also during team bonding activities.”