Staples Remembers its favorite childhood shows


The three shows bring back childhood memories to Staples students.

As midterms approache, the winter break Netflix binge watching commences and the inevitable nostalgia that the holidays bring sets in, it’s time to look back at some of the shows that millennials miss the most from their childhood.

Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Lasting six seasons, everyone watched Suite Life of Zack and Cody as they grew up. We all remember the mischievous adventures of Zack and Cody, running through the fabulous Tipton Hotel in Boston. We grew up with those twins, watching them interact with Mr. Mosby, London Tipton and Maddie. And of course, who could forget “Suite Life on Deck,” when the twins went on their trek around the world on the Tipton cruise.
“I loved the Suite Life of Zack Cody and recently watched it over again on Netflix. I had a special connection with it because of the mischievous adventures I had and still have with my twin,” Noah Schwaeber ‘16.

Drake and Josh

Of course who can ever forget Drake and Josh? Airing from 2004-2007, Drake, Josh and Megan gave us four seasons of hilarious shenanigans. The tale of two step brothers provided us with funny material during elementary and middle school. Now, the reruns on Teen Nick, along with social media posts from a much older Josh Peck and Drake Bell are the only remnants of what was at its prime, the most popular show on Nickelodeon.
“Drake and Josh was always my favorite show when I was growing up. It was so funny, especially the pranks from Megan,” Ben Popkin ‘16 said.

Zoey 101

Last but not least, another Dan Schneider production. Zoey 101, a childhood classic, followed Zoey Brooks in the her first year at Pacific Coast Academy. With a great supporting cast that included her friends Chase Matthews, Michael Barrett and Lola Martinez, Zoey 101 was a quality mix of drama and comedy for us as we grew up. Lasting four gracious seasons until finally ending in 2008, Zoey 101 provided us with some much needed entertainment during middle and elementary school.
“I liked was Zoey and Chase’s relationship. It was also cool because they were “big kids” and I looked up to the characters. I miss the innocence of the plots and the corny jokes. I also miss the early 2000’s fashion,” said Maggie Epstein ‘16.