Westport BOE approves first ever Innovation fund

Westport BOE approves first ever Innovation fund

By Jack Beck ’18

The Westport Public Schools will have a $50,000 innovation fund implemented into the budget for the first time. The fund is specifically for the use of students and faculty to be able to explore projects and encourage a new way of thinking without having to worry about cost.

The fund will help energize creative ideas that have promise of positively impacting our district for our students,” Superintendent of Westport Public Schools, Dr. Colleen Palmer said. “It is my hope that through the eyes of students, faculty, and others connected to our school that new ideas will emerge that extend or enrich the educational experience for our students.”

The fund hopes to spark a new and unique way of working in school. The Board of Education expects to see a way of thinking that is not normal of a typical high school.

“One of our goals as a district is to continuously improve.  That’s how we stay great and remain a leader,” Chairman of the Board of Education Michael Gordon said. “This fund will help spur innovation that keeps us on the cutting edge.”  

Even with the recent budget cuts, this fund is seen as a necessity for the district.

     “Our visionary principals felt this was important to fund, and this did not impact the bottom line of our budget.  With strategic planning of supplies, our schools were all able to provide the resources to our students and staff, even with a small reduction,” Palmer said.

       Students and staff will be able to apply for this grant. For more information regarding the grant, go to Westport Public Schools Innovation Fund Grant. Applications for the grant will be reviewed until the entire $50,000 is depleted