County Assembly Charity Ball Postponed

As of 8 a.m. this morning, the Board of Directors of the County Assembly Charity Ball announced that they are postponing the Counties dance to Saturday, Feb. 6, due to the impending winter storm, “Jonas.”

Juniors who planned to attend the dance are disappointed with this decision by the Assembly, one of whom is Camille Cross ’17.

“I didn’t think this was serious at first,” she said, shaking her head. “I’m shocked. And really irritated. I have been looking forward to this dance forever.”

The Board of Directors wrote in their Facebook post, “We are sensitive to your need to cancel appointments and reschedule them in a timely fashion.”

Still, Joe Blaikie ’17 feels that the deferral of the dance wasn’t timely enough. “I kind of knew it was coming,” he said. “But they should have let us know at an earlier date, so we could make necessary adjustments.”

However, as disappointed as she is, Natalie Lieberson ’17 understands why the Board decided to move the date of the dance.

“It’s reasonable that they’re postponing it,” she said. “If the snow is as bad as they predict it will be, it would cause huge issues.”