Sandy Hook evacuation concerns the community

Sandy Hook Elementary School, temporarily located in Monroe, Connecticut, received a bomb threat over the phone at approximately 9:30 a.m. today.

Students were evacuated to a neighboring elementary school as a precautionary measure, although authorities did not find evidence of any danger surrounding the building.

An automated phone call and message were sent to parents notifying them of the situation. The superintendent also opted for students to be dismissed early, sending them home at noon.

For Newtown residents, the news was startling. The community displayed its incredible strength just two years ago, joining together in wake of the school shooting.

“Why Sandy Hook?” Former Staples teacher, and Newtown resident Jennifer Huettner asked in an email interview. “Haven’t these people suffered, (and continue to suffer) enough? Heartless and thoughtless.”

Staples students were inevitably alarmed to hear the news.

“That’s really scary. I mean the fact that this has now happened more than once in our extended community. When it happens once, it’s a tragedy, but when it happens twice it’s a serious threat or something that we’re going to have to deal with as a country,” Andres Marmelo ’16 said.

Michelle Eisenberg ’16 shared similar sentiments. “I am definitely shocked because the fact that the same school has been targeted again is super surprising,” Eisenberg said. “I think this is a huge disappointment and shows just how much action hasn’t been taken to secure safety in our schools,” She continued. “Also, the fact that we live so close to Sandy Hook actually scares me […] I hope this is a wake-up call for people to take action to protect our schools more.”

Fortunately the threat did not amount to anything, but it was a harrowing reminder to a community that has overcome so much.