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The Teen Awareness Group’s annual Get Real Day event takes place on May 8. There will be a drunk driving simulation, speakers and resources on substance abuse.

Get Real Day tackles mental health, substance abuse

Lily Rimm '25, Associate Managing Editor May 7, 2024

Amid the bustling hallways and AP exams, there’s a buzz of anticipation as May approaches. It's a month that marks more than just the transition from spring to summer— it serves as the catalyst for...

The 2022-2023 student ID cards (left) include the daily rotation schedule on the back. For the 2023-2024 student ID cards (right), this information is replaced by four emergency contacts, including the suicide and crisis lifeline.

CT law requires student ID to include emergency contacts

Ava Cordella ’24, Associate Managing Editor October 26, 2023

Student ID cards for the 2023-2024 school year now include four emergency contacts on the back, following a new law effective July 1, 2023, passed by the Connecticut General Assembly. The law states...

At the wellness fair, students were able to participate in activities such as Jenga, guessing games and more. Upon entering the fair, there was a table filled with prizes, beads and decorations for students to win after walking through the vendors.

TAG’s wellness fair promotes comfort, community

Addison Coughlin ’25, Paper Arts Editor May 12, 2023

Staples students are rarely given the opportunity to learn valuable material in a setting away from the classroom. Many students learn better through hands-on activities that promote a sense of comfort...

Technology can be an escape from mental health struggles, with being able to talk to friends, watch tv or tiktok. It might not be as obvious at the time, but technology may not be helping as much as one would think. While technology is not to blame for everyone’s mental health struggles, it can still be a factor and should be dealt with.

Flipping back to 1996; flip phone offers safe harbor, improving mental health

Ava Coyle ’25, Social Media Manager March 28, 2023

Two months ago, my brother and I embarked on a new experience of a mostly tech free life. With the constant buzzing, notifications, drama and URGENT texts my phone was getting, I found it taking away from...

Reading independantly and non-educationally provides an opportunity for readers to relax, engage their minds and de-stress. Choosing to read a book over scrolling through social media has proved to encourage mental health and healthy sleeping habits.

Rediscovering love for independent reading provides comfort, improves mental health 

Hannah Conn '23, Web Managing Editor March 10, 2023

I always described myself as an avid reader. I devoured books one after the other and enjoyed every moment that I spent by myself flipping through the pages. I dive headfirst into world after world, loving...

On breaks and weekends, students are often overwhelmed by stress due to the rigorous academic expectations in Westport, which prompts students to constantly focus on school.

Separation between school, life proves essential; teachers, parents must understand

Caitlin Jacob ’24, Staff Writer December 13, 2022

Similar to many Staples students, I enjoy days off of school. Getting a breath of fresh air, the feeling of freedom and the pure joys that come from the spontaneity of personal time are all appealing to...

People aged 15 to 24 in the U.S. relation to suicide in high schools according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Flippant suicidal comments degrade severity of mental health issues

Sage Cohen ’25, Staff Writer December 5, 2022

After a stressful test, I always need to mentally prepare myself for what will come next. Unlike many of my peers, I do not fear the possibility of a big “F” in the gradebook--I’m usually confident...

Whether or not to take medication for your mental health is already a big decision. Having to factor in what people might think or how to keep it secret is not something people should worry about. The stigma over mental health medication can be truly harmful and needs to end.

Stigma around mental health medication more harmful than you think

Ava Coyle ’25, Social Media Manager November 16, 2022

Someone who takes medication for their mental health might feel awkward when talking about it. They might worry that people will think they are “crazy” or judge them for being on medicine.  “Stigmatized...

I have done ballet for a total of eight or so years. In middle school I started learning to dance with pointe shoes which was both painful and a good experience. I also did theater which I still love to this day even though I don’t participate in it anymore. I always did every school play and while I was far from having the talent of a lead I just enjoyed being in the ensemble and performing on the stage.

Lack of extracurriculars triggers isolation

Lily Hultgren ’25, Features Editor November 16, 2022

My elementary and middle school years were filled with two things: ballet and theater. I had been doing ballet since I was a toddler and went to dance practice around three days a week. In addition to...

People wear honor beads at the event to display their connection to the cause. Each color means something different. Loss of a child (white), loss of spouse or partner (red), loss of a parent (gold), loss of a sibling (orange), loss of relative or a friend (purple), personal struggles or attempt (green), Supporting someone who has struggles or has attempted (teal), supporting suicide prevention, honoring the LGBTQ+ community (rainbow).

6th annual Out of the Darkness fundraiser gathers communities, spreads awareness of suicide, depression, mental illnesses

Caroline Zajac '25 and Poppy Harrington '25, Staff Writers October 30, 2022

The annual Out of the Darkness walk took place to raise awareness of suicide, depression and other mental illnesses on Oct. 22, from 11 a.m. -1 p.m. in front of the Westport Public Library. To support...

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