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Come May.20, students will shift from studying for tests in school to completing tasks for their internship

Seniors look ahead towards internships

Tristan Gonzalez ’24, Web Sports Editor March 5, 2024

As second semester seniors veer closer towards college and lug their way through the rest of the school year, for many, all they can think about is their life after graduation. However, what also lies...

By regularly following the news, teens are able to stay more informed with what is going on in the world. Today, teens can have access to the news even on their phones, where they are able to view news articles, broadcasts and more from a variety of different publications.

Why teens should make an effort to follow the news

Lily Hultgren '25, Paper Features Editor February 6, 2024

Before my junior year, I honestly never kept up with the news. I had only a vague idea about some current events, especially because they often aren't covered in our classes at school. While I was interested...

Blake Watkins ’26 (left) and Amere Miller ’27 (right) show Staples High School students that being friendly is the reality of being younger.

Freshmen reveal high school expectations versus realities

Nash Teran ’25 and Danisha Nasution ’25 September 27, 2023

Ever remember what it was like going into your freshman year? For some, it could have been a couple of weeks ago, but for others, it could have been a couple of years ago. Sometimes, it makes you feel...

Academic pressure is extremely prevalent at Staples, harming students self-worth and confidence. Academic stress can derive from a desire for perfection, parental pressure, sports commitments or a heavy class load. All of these factors can be due to taking classes that are too hard.

Pressure to take hard classes is harmful: make balancing academic achievement, student well-being priority

Liora Perkins ’25, Web Opinions Editor May 1, 2023

At Staples, it’s pretty well known that we place a significant amount of value on academic achievement. For me, the pressure to excel in school has only become increasingly prevalent as I began high...

Along with a tour of the school, Staples provided Bedford and Coleytown middle school eighth graders with a club fair to get involved in extracurriculars, before their arrival in the fall.

Staples offers interactive touring experience to incoming freshmen

Paige Tighe ’24, Editor in Chief June 14, 2022

As an incoming freshman, walking into a large school full of unknown faces, hallways, classrooms and teachers can be isolating. But when you see that one friend you haven’t seen in years or a new friend...

Some students tend to choose hobbies they are uninterested in, strictly based on how well it will appear on a college application or resume. Students must remember that in a competitive high school environment, having fun should remain as a top priority.

Students should explore true passions, abandon resume fillers

Abby Nevin ’23, Broadcast Director May 3, 2022

I know what sport burn-out feels like. After devoting my entire childhood to gymnastics and involving myself in a rigorous schedule, an injury I sustained over this past summer led to the end of my career...

COVID-19 alters college application process for high school seniors

COVID-19 alters college application process for high school seniors

Lily Klau '23, Staff Writer October 7, 2020

Everyone knows the infamous college application process: students take their SAT and ACTs, meet with college representatives, visit all prospective colleges and then make their decision. But for high school...

Many struggle with their search to find a roommate as their senior year of high school comes to an end. Some soon- to-be college freshmen find their roommates through Facebook or through mutual friends, while others go random and hope to bond over similar living preferences.

College Roomates: Search for your new best friend

Emma Van Riper '20, Paper Features Editor March 3, 2020

As I approach the third month of knowing where I’m going to college, the panic for the awaited roommate search has begun. With social media nowadays, it’s easy to communicate with people going to the...

The process was simple: students chose a gift of either flowers or chocolates and filled out cards with the names of their valentines. Members of the Horticulture class then delivered the gift during period four.

Horticulture class saves the (Valentine’s) Day

Ella Stoler '22, Sports Paper Editor February 26, 2020

On a day associated with romance and budding relationships, it's easy to feel excluded if you find yourself without a valentine. However, regardless of your current relationship status, the Staples Horticulture...

Students are constantly checking their grades on PowerSchool.

Teachers grading tactics can have a negative impact on students’ grades

Betti Kobak '22, Managing Editor October 14, 2019

Grades are undoubtedly something that occupies every student's mind at Staples High School. Being able to perform highly in every class, whether it is an AP, honors or A class can be difficult, regardless...

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