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COVID-19 alters college application process for high school seniors

COVID-19 alters college application process for high school seniors

Lily Klau '23, Staff Writer October 7, 2020

Everyone knows the infamous college application process: students take their SAT and ACTs, meet with college representatives, visit all prospective colleges and then make their decision. But for high school...

Many struggle with their search to find a roommate as their senior year of high school comes to an end. Some soon- to-be college freshmen find their roommates through Facebook or through mutual friends, while others go random and hope to bond over similar living preferences.

College Roomates: Search for your new best friend

Emma Van Riper '20, Social Media Director March 3, 2020

As I approach the third month of knowing where I’m going to college, the panic for the awaited roommate search has begun. With social media nowadays, it’s easy to communicate with people going to the...

The process was simple: students chose a gift of either flowers or chocolates and filled out cards with the names of their valentines. Members of the Horticulture class then delivered the gift during period four.

Horticulture class saves the (Valentine’s) Day

Ella Stoler '22, Sports Paper Editor February 26, 2020

On a day associated with romance and budding relationships, it's easy to feel excluded if you find yourself without a valentine. However, regardless of your current relationship status, the Staples Horticulture...

Students are constantly checking their grades on PowerSchool.

Teachers grading tactics can have a negative impact on students’ grades

Betti Kobak '22, Staff Writer October 14, 2019

Grades are undoubtedly something that occupies every student's mind at Staples High School. Being able to perform highly in every class, whether it is an AP, honors or A class can be difficult, regardless...

Hannah Bolandian 19 and Nicky Brown 19 pose for a picture before school on decision day. Both are decked out in the college they are attending.

May 1 allows seniors to celebrate their college decisions

Nicky Brown ’19 May 16, 2019

For high school seniors around the nation, May 1 was national decision day. This means that by May 1, seniors had to decide where they would attend college the following year. Traditionally, seniors celebrate...

A Staples sophomore receives a fail on her early morning quiz. Tests given first period decrease students brains the ability to fully comprehend the material given.

First period exams exacerbate student stress

Rebecca Kanfer '21 February 12, 2019

It’s 7:30 in the morning: your eyelids are heavy, you’re moving at a snail's pace and it’s entirely unlikely that you will make it through class without falling asleep. As you sit down at your desk...

Taylor Swift is back...Ready For It?

Taylor Swift is back…Ready For It?

September 16, 2017

By Erin Lynch '18 The long awaited return of Taylor Swift has finally arrived, and it happened fast. Given the fact that it has been almost three years since Swift released any new music, and roughly...

Controversial “13 Reasons Why” set to air second season

Controversial “13 Reasons Why” set to air second season

May 8, 2017

By Jesse Levinson '17 After its popular, yet troubling debut on Netflix, “13 Reasons Why” has officially been renewed for a second season. The series is an adaption of Jay Asher’s novel, which...

A Real Life “Plastic”

Kate Lewis, Staff Writer May 4, 2016

On Wednesdays, Paige wears Pink The 2004 cult classic, “Mean Girls,” is known for its girl drama and showcasing the politics of high school. However, this movie also left its markon fashion...

The Psychology Behind High School Relationships

Jen Gouchoe, Web Features Editor March 31, 2016

First love tends to hit high schoolers with a newfound intensity that they often aren’t prepared to handle. One anonymous junior girl experienced what she thought was first love as a freshman when she...

There’s only one thing worse than taking the ACT

There’s only one thing worse than taking the ACT

Alice Hickson, Web A&E Editor October 25, 2015

I had a plan. On September 12, 2015 I was going to knock the ACT out of my life and finally reach the shining light at the end of an extremely long tunnel filled with what felt like non stop test preparation....

Who is Shelley Somers?

Who is Shelley Somers?

Kacey Hertan , Business Manager May 27, 2015

According to Elliot Landon’s email, candidate Shelley Somers was unanimously selected by the Staples High School search committee as the finalist to fill the open position for principal next year. Somers...

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