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Trump’s trial is unprecedented in American history and could have a sizable impact on the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

Donald Trump Shouldn’t Be Above The Law

Matthew Stashower ’25, Inklings Ambassador May 24, 2024

To say the least, former president Donald Trump is anything but unoccupied. While running in the 2024 race for the presidency, he is engaged in no less than four prosecutions in separate jurisdictions....

Motor vehicle thefts have risen 35.5% between the first half of 2023 and first half of 2022 according to CT Insider.

Stolen car found on fire in Bridgeport

Liora Perkins ’25, Web Opinions Editor December 22, 2023

The Bridgeport Fire Department was called to Birmingham Street early Monday morning for a report of a car fire. Prior to the fire, the vehicle was initially reported stolen in Westport.  According...

Ralph Yarl, who is 16 years old, was shot after he rang the incorrect doorbell among other incidents. These acts are permitted by the Stand Your Ground legislation, which must be prevented.

Stand-your-ground laws prove harmful to communities

Olivia Signorile ’25, Web Arts Editor May 12, 2023

A teenage boy rang a doorbell; two girls walked to the wrong car; a woman entered the wrong driveway. These random, every-day occurrences resulted in someone suffering injury or death because of stand-your-ground...

Since 2020, more stolen vehicles have been investigated in Westport.

Fundraising circulates for injured 64 year old Westport carjacking victim Westport

Lia Gordon ’22, Paper Opinions Editor March 24, 2022

A 64-year old UberEats driver suffered a traumatic brain injury after a carjacking in Westport on March 5. $30,000 has been raised on a GoFundMe organized by Danielle Dobin, a Westport resident. “[The...

Three arrested after being involved in Westport vehicle theft

Three arrested after being involved in Westport vehicle theft

March 31, 2017

By Layla Wofsy '19 Westport police officers arrested Reginald Sharpe, Alexis Haythe and Rashad Spain on March 29 after calling the police to report a car accident involving stolen vehicles. After...

Cars with unlocked doors are more likely to be broken-into.

Car break-ins are on the rise

Larissa Lieberson, Director of Social Media October 19, 2014

The calm, pristine streets of Westport appear to be a safe place to leave a car filled with valuables, but in reality, nobody is exempt from theft. According to the Westport Police Department, between...

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