Fundraising circulates for injured 64 year old Westport carjacking victim Westport


Infographic by Lia Gordon ’22

Since 2020, more stolen vehicles have been investigated in Westport.

A 64-year old UberEats driver suffered a traumatic brain injury after a carjacking in Westport on March 5. $30,000 has been raised on a GoFundMe organized by Danielle Dobin, a Westport resident.

“[The victim] was so badly injured in the assault that once she is released from the hospital, she will be in a wheelchair for six weeks,” Dobin wrote on the GoFundMe page, which is $5,000 away from the set $35,000 goal.

The incident took place outside Golden Pizza, 1759 Post Road East, at about 7 pm. 

“The woman left her Hyundai running outside as she went into the pizzeria to grab an order, but when she returned, she found a man inside of her car,” CTpost said in an article. 

The victim reports noticing a figure entering her unlocked car and promptly going to intervene. While attempting to prevent the theft, she was thrown to the ground, causing the head injury. The car then proceeded to speed away. 

“An officer stationed on the Sherwood Island Connector later saw the stolen Hyundai and a black Acura traveling together as they got onto I-95 headed toward Bridgeport,” Patch said.

The cars fled from the officer, leading to a high speed chase off the interstate at Exit 29 in Bridgeport. The driver then lost control, crashing into multiple parked, and one occupied, vehicles. They were then located and arrested by Bridgeport police. 

Two juveniles and two 18 year olds, Giovanni Abreu and Tayvion Hart, were then charged for robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery, assault on an elderly person, larceny, conspiracy to commit larceny, criminal possession of a firearm, illegal transfer of a firearm, engaging police in a pursuit and reckless driving. As of now, Abreu’s bond is set at $302,500. The Westport Police Department also states that this investigation is still active, although there is no evidence that there would be additional arrests.

Meals and gift cards to Ridgefield restaurants are welcome to support the recovery of the victim.

“Checks can also be dropped at the Westport police station along with cards to get well soon,” Dobin said. “Please help this woman know she is not alone as she recovers from this attack.”