Three arrested after being involved in Westport vehicle theft


By Layla Wofsy ’19

Westport police officers arrested Reginald Sharpe, Alexis Haythe and Rashad Spain on March 29 after calling the police to report a car accident involving stolen vehicles.

After the police were notified, they investigated the accident on North Avenue between Easton Road and Coleytown Road, which resulted in one of the involved vehicles flipping over.

The police discovered that both of the vehicles involved in the crash were stolen. The three passengers were taken into the Westport Police Headquarters for custody.

During the day, officers continued to monitor the Coleytown area, as well as the Coleytown schools. “The Westport Police have been working with the Board of Education to ensure the utmost safety for students and school personnel as there are two schools in the immediate area of the crash,” Farrell said.

In an e-mail sent out to the Westport School District parents, Superintendent Dr. Colleen Palmer informed them of the situation. “The WPD has not advised for any additional action by the schools, and we will maintain our routine perimeter security,” Palmer said. “Additionally, we have moved any scheduled outdoor activities inside today for all eight schools.”

Certain neighborhoods in Westport are easily accessible by the Merritt Parkway and I-95, and appeals to outsiders looking to commit crimes.

“I am not surprised that this occurred because, even though Westport tends to be very safe, no town is immune from crime,” Martin Menz ’19 said.

Although Staples students were not directly affected by the theft, some students are bothered by the crime that occurred in town.
“I was concerned, only because I didn’t really hear many details,” Bridget Mulloy ’19 said. “All I knew was that some people reportedly stole a car, and I didn’t know if they were even arrested or not.”