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Even though many people think that having a 504 plan means that people are disabled, it actually means that they might need a little extra help but they can still succeed even if it isnt the “normal” path to success.

Having a 504 plan doesn’t make someone dumb, it means they have a different path to success

Catie Campagnino ’26, Staff Writer March 12, 2024

No, having a 504 plan doesn’t mean that you are disabled; it means that you are like everyone else, but may have medical or financial disadvantages that make it so you need a little extra help in order...

If a person can just take the extra second to think about what they are saying and the tone of voice that they are using, it could make all the difference for the person that is receiving the message. People can read minds they can only go off based on what someone said and the tone that they said it in.

Keep your vacation bragging business to yourself

Catie Campagnino ’26, Staff Writer December 6, 2023

Have you ever been at lunch and your friend asked you “Where are you going for break?” You tell them that you are going to your grandparents house and you're going to see other family members along...

For many productions including Staples Players’,  the tech crew only gets one bow on the closing night of the show. This is the tech crew of “The Prom” getting their bow on closing night.

‘The Prom’ withdrawal hits the Staples’ Player community: What happens to Players when the show ends?

Catie Campagnino '26, Staff Writer December 1, 2023

The successful Staples Players’ production, “The Prom”, officially came to an end on Nov.18 after running for two consecutive weekends. With a show that took months of rehearsal including many late...

 The model space ship called the WhiteKnightTwo, designed by Virgin Galactic, will be able to take six passengers up to space.

From Staples to beyond, former Staples student helps bring more people to Space

Catie Campagnino ’26, Staff Writer November 11, 2023

Space tourism company Virgin Galactic has a different mission than other companies. They want to send tourists into space, and one of their test pilots is a former Staples student, Dan Alix. The company...

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