Rape jokes remain pervasive yet inexcusable


Graphic contributed by Newsmobile

Rape jokes perpetrate rape culture in schools, public places and even at home, causing many to feel unsafe and uncomfortable.

“I’d let him rape me,” in reference to an attractive celebrity, “that game raped me,”or “that test raped me.” 

None of this is okay. 

I have overheard conversations of people making light of sexual assault in the cafeteria, in the hallway, or even just sitting in a classroom. Making these kind of “jokes” creates an unsafe environment at Staples, not only for women who understandably have concerns about the possibility of getting assaulted due to statistical probibilities, but for all victims of sexual assault and harassment. Trivializing sexual assault is a common occurrence in our society as a result of social media, comedy, and pop culture. 

So, we are calling out to the Staples community to be better. You never know who is hearing your conversation, so be self-aware and speak with empathy.  Your teacher, classmate, or friend could be a victim of assault, and you may never know. 

And to the survivors, we hear you and we believe you. Be an ally and think before you speak.