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Perception of rape accusations blurs truth

Perception of rape accusations blurs truth

October 1, 2018

By Emma Dantas ’21   Years ago when I played soccer, I showed up to school on Monday eager to recap the weekend’s game with friends at lunch. We would go around the table, raucously cutting each other off and interjecting with our takes on controversial plays and calls by the referee. A comm...

[Sept. 2016 Opinions] How Brock Turner symbolizes the fault in our justice system

October 11, 2016

By Colette Lippman '17 Opinions Editor and Megan Brown '17 Brock Turner: the astoundingly talented Stanford freshman swimmer and now infamous rapist (well, according to Judge Aaron Persky, it was only sexual assault). Despite clear evidence proving him guilty of rape, Turner was released from prison...

Sentencing for Turner rape case questions judge’s ethics

Sentencing for Turner rape case questions judge’s ethics

Colette Lippman, Opinions Editor

June 10, 2016

California judge Aaron Persky has been scorned for sentencing former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner to a six-month prison term with three years probation for the sexual assault and rape of an unconscious woman, when prosecutors requested for Turner to face up to six years in federal prison.   ...

Lady Gaga shocks fans with important PSA

On the left side are what the victims of rape in the music video wrote on their bodies after the incident but those words were later replaced with the quotes on the right after receiving help from family and friends.

Alice Hickson, Web A&E Editor

October 26, 2015

Lady Gaga stunned listeners everywhere on Sept. 18, 2015 with the release of her latest music video for her song, “Till it happens to you.” Most of Lady Gaga’s fans are accustomed to her dressing up in a meat dress and singing about the paparazzi. No one could have imagined what came next. ...

Police discover no evidence of UVA rape reported in Rolling Stone

Police discover no evidence of UVA rape reported in Rolling Stone

Dylan Donahue, Sports Editor

March 24, 2015

The Charlottesville police department announced yesterday March 23 that they found no evidence of the gang rape at University of Virginia (UVA). The story became well-known after a now discredited article was published in Rolling Stone. Although the police department has said they are suspending...

University of Virginia rape story sparks Staples conversation

Caroline Cohen, Andrea Frost, Managing Editor, Breaking News Editor

January 9, 2015

When searching for the perfect college, there is something rarely addressed in the information sessions, searched on the websites, or talked about by the student tour guides: rape culture. Recently, Rolling Stone Magazine published an article centered around a rape incident at the University of Virginia;...

Attitudes towards rape persist in culture

Attitudes towards rape persist in culture

Jessica Gross, A&E Editor

May 30, 2014

There are certain words that carry weight. Words that make us cringe or wince, put knots in our stomachs and lumps in throats, words that make us wish we had eyelids for our ears. Words that are thrown around casually. For example. A Staples student who was raped last year by another student...

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