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Michael Mathis

Michael Mathis, Web Opinions Editor

On any given day, Michael Mathis, Staples senior and Inklings’ Web Opinions Editor, is campaigning for governors, in the Inklings room editing stories, or on-stage, performing a stand-up comedy act.

Mathis started journalism as a sophomore and, ever since then, seamlessly meshed his three passions: political activism, stand-up comedy, and Inklings.

As Web Opinions Editor, Mathis is a column-generating machine.  He also edits students’ articles, and helps students brainstorm.

Michael says that he enjoys combining his skills and interests, especially for humorous columns. He described one story that stood out about the importance of this generation not growing up too fast, saying, “I always felt that I was in two different worlds with my stand-up and my journalism, but I was able to incorporate my humor and I felt like I had crafted a stand-up routine in a column.”

His background in politics also helps with journalism, as the two hobbies share similar values. Mathis says that the traits that create an effective political leader -- like his favorite politician, Teddy Roosevelt -- are similar to those of a journalist’s.

Mathis said that whether it be a leader or a journalist they, “Are not afraid to say the unsayable and roll up their sleeves,” adding that the common thread throughout his stand-up comedy, political experiences, and journalism is “not following the limits of authority or society.”

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Michael Mathis