The mustache is a must-have

Michael Mathis , Web Opinions Editor

With Movember moving in fast, male students of all grades and sizes are putting down the razors.Nick Ribolla ’16, who prefers to keep his chin, soul-patch and mustache intact in a combo he dubs the “royale” grows out his facial hair because it is a “rite of passage” meant to be achieved.

“It’s the first step into being a fully bearded, bear punching, log- cabin building man,” Ribolla said.

In fact, Nick Moro ’15 felt the masculinity almost instantaneously after growing out his facial hair.

“It gives me a strange craving to chop down trees and build boats by hand,” Moro joked.

According to WebMD, facial hair growth normally coincides directly with the transition from boy-to-manhood. As the website states, the average adolescent boy will start to grow facial hair between the ages of 15 and 16. On the other side of the spectrum, however, fully-bearded boy-wonders like Vignesh Namasivayam ’16, who has been growing his facial hair out since the seventh grade, believes it is not necessarily a “rite of passage,” especially for boys at this age.

“[There are] a lot of people who don’t have the ability yet, so it’s not really a rite of passage. I think there are other things that could be considered a rite of passage over facial hair,” Namasivayam said.

In addition, with a furry friend in the facial region, some students believe the attention works out well. While Namasivayam claims that his full black beard has garnered near-unanimous praise, Moro was more hesitant to assume his stubble had such rave reviews.

“I know guys like it. Girls do not,” Moro said.

Rebecca Oestricher ’16 was quick to prove this theory. When asked about what percentage of adolescent guys are able to pull off facial hair, Oestreicher provided some in-depth statistical analysis to make her case.

“Five percent, maybe,” she half- joked.

While the adolescents claim that student facial hair is something to be proud of, at the end of the day, there’s no competing with the adults.

“I joked with Mr. Shepro that I would challenge him to see who could grow more during Movember, but I think I’d lose,” Namasivayam said.

“I saw Mr. Rosenberg and realized my beard was still pathetic in comparison,” Ribolla echoed.

Nonetheless, above all things, they all had the same advice; “avoid the stubble hump.”

“Yes, it will probably look gross up to a certain point, mine, arguably, still does, but once it really starts to fill in, you’re golden,” Ribolla advised.

“Beard over mustache any day of the week,” Namasivayam said.