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Seniors let the sun shine in

Seniors let the sun shine in
Graphic by Megan Root

Before the New Year’s ball had dropped, the halls of Staples were defined by a different atmosphere. The word “Common App” was typical vernacular. You could smell the sweating, stressing students as they stumbled across from class to class. It seemed as though there was some sort of cosmic imbalance.

But, when the halls filled for the first time in 2014, something had changed. It was as if all was right again. It was a new semester; new senior class.

Senioritis has hit Staples. And I can hear the moans and groans of the underclassmen already. But I ask you one simple question.


You might find this laziness repulsive and negative, but, as the great philosopher Lao Tzu once said, “Practice not-doing and everything will fall into place.” The cosmic balance has been restored.

I mean, why focus on the negatives? These new seniors are beacons of sunshine!

They’re like TGI Fridays’ waiters; they are just unnecessarily happy. These days, I’m getting high fives from people I would have never dreamed of getting. They make jokes in classes. They aren’t focused on what clubs to join or which days are best for all-nighters. They are bound by one universal question: Why complete that three-page research paper when Ghostbusters 2 is cued up and ready for viewing pleasure on Netflix?

And on a Wednesday night. That is gangster.

Most wonderfully, that laziness is beneficial, but not infectious. The seniors that once prized their B plus papers are now chucking them in the blue bin. Grades may not be important to them, but here’s the chance for us, the underrated juniors, to gain some confidence. Now, my B’s in AP Euro are no longer cracks in shattered dreams, but badges of honor. The class average may be down, but not my spirits; that’s for sure.

As the great Phil Dunphy of “Modern Family” once said, “You’ll find yourself achieving your wildest dreams if you lower your expectations.

So let’s not break out the hazmat suits and treat Senioritis like a plague. It’s an event. It’s a time to bask in the warm luminescence of the senior smiles. Stop casting a rain cloud on the situation, and, for the love of God, just let the sunshine in.

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About the Contributor
Michael Mathis
Michael Mathis, Web Opinions Editor
On any given day, Michael Mathis, Staples senior and Inklings’ Web Opinions Editor, is campaigning for governors, in the Inklings room editing stories, or on-stage, performing a stand-up comedy act. Mathis started journalism as a sophomore and, ever since then, seamlessly meshed his three passions: political activism, stand-up comedy, and Inklings. As Web Opinions Editor, Mathis is a column-generating machine.  He also edits students’ articles, and helps students brainstorm. Michael says that he enjoys combining his skills and interests, especially for humorous columns. He described one story that stood out about the importance of this generation not growing up too fast, saying, “I always felt that I was in two different worlds with my stand-up and my journalism, but I was able to incorporate my humor and I felt like I had crafted a stand-up routine in a column.” His background in politics also helps with journalism, as the two hobbies share similar values. Mathis says that the traits that create an effective political leader -- like his favorite politician, Teddy Roosevelt -- are similar to those of a journalist’s. Mathis said that whether it be a leader or a journalist they, “Are not afraid to say the unsayable and roll up their sleeves,” adding that the common thread throughout his stand-up comedy, political experiences, and journalism is “not following the limits of authority or society.”

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