Dealing with the reality of a Trumped-Up America

Dealing with the reality of a Trumped-Up America

Chris Andrews ’18

It’s official –  Donald Trump is president-elect and soon taking office. Like me, upon the announcement, I’m sure many Democrats have gone through the grief stages of denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Since Secretary Clinton won the popular vote more than half of our country’s voting population is disappointed. Many who voted for Clinton even did so mainly because they were terrified of her opponent. Those people are beyond disappointed.

Personally, throughout the campaign, I couldn’t relate to the man. Now I need to find the silver lining. As reality sinks in, parents and teachers across the country have the added burden of trying to address children’s fears that their families will be discriminated against or deported. I don’t agree with all that Trump stands for, but I think that all people will still have a voice in this country.

Trump’s “60 Minutes” interview with Leslie Stahl, his first since the election, was a refreshing change from much of the hype that he promoted during the campaign. Perhaps Trump’s big words were more talk than he actually plans to put into action.

Since the election, Trump has softened his position of “building a wall” on the Mexico border and suggested perhaps a fence. He will not kick all immigrants out of the country, but focus on drug dealers and other criminals. He said he has no plans to reverse the previous decision on same-sex marriage. He even said that there are some good parts of Obamacare that should be maintained. Maybe we can safely move on to the acceptance stage and not be terrified of our own president after all.

On top of Trump pulling back his big promises, I find it comforting to hear our current White House is hopeful about America under a Trump presidency, As President Obama said after his first meeting with Trump, this country is not run by one person alone. Adults should tell kids that our country’s democracy is carried out by many people and we all need to work together for the common good. This country was built by immigrants and needs them today. So don’t worry America, Congress has your back.