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Trumping the logic of Trump’s critics


By: Alex Reiner ’18

Many people around the world, but especially in our Westport community, were shocked to learn that Donald Trump was elected President of the United States of America, despite all of the racist, xenophobic, and misogynistic remarks he made throughout his campaign.

Like much of the population, I could never vote for Trump or for any candidate who ridicules many segments of the American community. However, I can still understand why certain people did vote for him.

Much of the American population does not have the luxury to worry about social issues because they are fighting to earn a dollar and are worried sleepless that they could lose their income at any moment.

My family, along with other Westporters, have the luxury of not worrying about our financial health. That is why when I look at a candidate’s policies, as do many Westporters, we can focus on social issues.

Unfortunately, many people in America do not have this level of financial comfort.  As a result, many people see a candidate through an economic lens rather than a lens focussed on social issues.

Clinton has preached maintaining Obama’s legacy with regard to the economy; however, so much of the population, mostly the white working class, has faced insecurity or flat incomes these past eight years. So for this population, Trump’s mimicking of a disabled person was not a red flag; Clinton preaching to maintain Obama’s legacy was the red flag.

Not all Trump supporters are racists, xenophobes, or misogynists, despite voting for a candidate who appears to have those ideals. Many are simply realists who are worrying about their family and being able to provide for their loved ones. In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, 90% of surveyed Trump supporters cited the economy as being  “very important” for their vote.

It is possible that these Trump supporters disliked Trump’s statements about Muslims, or women, or Mexicans, but frankly they did not have the luxury to care. They can only afford to care that Trump will bring a different economy to America that will hopefully help them financially.

Much of the Westport population is criticizing people who voted for Trump, but they have to stop and think for a second. Many of his supporters voted for him in hopes of having their lives turned around economically. Trump critics have no place to judge and condemn Trump supporters unless they have faced the same daily struggles.

So, it is unfair for financially privileged Westporters to say how it is inconceivable to think that people could vote for such a “bigot” since  many people hope this “bigot” will finally give them some economic securitysomething that Obama was not able to do.

We have to stop insulting people for expressing their most basic constitutional right. Those who voted for Trump believe he will be the person to finally help stop their financial suffering. We must accept that. While it is hard for many people, myself included, to understand our current president-elect, as Americans we should support, or at least accept him and hope to make America better for the working class.

For many Westporters, America has already been great in their eyes, but these Trump supports hope he can make America great again for them.

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